Monday, April 16, 2012

my baking drawer

My kitchen has all drawers ~ big, beautiful, full-expension, deep drawers. But it never occurred to me that I could incorporate one of those drawers into a baking drawer... till I saw this picture (left) on The Farm Chicks blog. I had seen it a few years back... but thankfully Serena linked to her old kitchen again while revealing her brand new kitchen in her brand new custom-built home. And I'm thinking ~ "oh my gosh, why don't I have a baking drawer in my kitchen!!

I had lived with my new kitchen for almost two years and had a hunch that this baking drawer could radically change how I function in my kitchen as a baker.

Yes, I'm a baker ~ and let me tell you, this has seriously revolutionized my baking experience. Everything I need is at my fingertips ~ so handy and so easy to access and so visibly pleasing. I think I pulled out my baking drawer to anyone who walked through my door for weeks. Ok, so maybe only family members. And I may have had to show great restraint when the Schwan's man came over. Although maybe next time I won't. ha!
Anyway, I love that darling little blue & green Ball container that holds baking powder (from the 99 Cent store)... and the larger containers hold powdered sugar, brown sugar, flour and white sugar.

Most of the containers were found at thrift stores over the years ~ except for the two green clear ones that I recently found at HomeGoods on clearance for 2 dollars each. I plan on filling each of them with cornstarch and baking soda.

What more can I say ~ I absolutely LOVE my baking drawer!
Do you have a baking drawer? What do you have in your baking drawer?

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Elizabeth said...

I do not have a baking drawer,but what a wonderful idea!

tea_time said...

I do not have a baking drawer but my grandmother had one in her kitchen. Just like yours but with metal containers and big metal measuring scoops. I inherited a couple of her scoops and they remind me of her and her big drawer. I used to love to play in the flour in the drawer, watch those grandbabies or they may do the same. :)

MommaMindy said...

I use a lazy susan with large glass jars for my baking cupboard. I can swirl that puppy around and in a minute see if I need more sugar, etc. It makes life easier to have everything in one spot.