Wednesday, May 23, 2012

AI & DWTS results

Ok, so tonight I know better than to look at facebook and accidentally find out who wins American Idol. I learned that the hard way last night and found out Donald Driver won Dancing With The Stars before the show had even started in our time zone. The Green Bay Packer Fan page spilled the beans... even though I had informed them, along with many west coast fans, that we'd prefer they wait till the entire country has viewed the show before they start posting results each week. I was thrilled he won, but sad that I was robbed the dramatic build-up of wondering throughout the two hour show who would win. You know, like someone telling you the ending of a good book you're reading.
Anyway, I was a Skylar fan till she was voted off, then it was Phillip all the way. But hey, Jessica is more than deserving. And as we all know, they'll both make it big, so it doesn't really matter does it.

So, what have I been doing? Well my job at the preschool ends this week, so I've been putting in extra hours and then helping out Shawn & Nicole with little projects as they get settled in their new home. It's smaller than their other home, but they gained a covered back patio that they just love.

So this week their Mama sprayed shaving cream on their picnic table and the girls had a blast. Ok, so it took Elsie a bit before she got down & dirty...

... and then she literally squealed with delight! I just love her passion for life.

And I love that Emolyn wears glasses with the lens popped out. We're talkin' the entire day at preschool... and the rest of the day. She's her own person, secure in the love that fills her up each day and that draws many to her sweet spirit.

Hey, results just in ~
HE WON!!! PHILLIP WON!!! And he's crying. Love that. What a great show!


Deb said...

Yep, I loved it too!!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Linda,
I didn't realize you had been working at a preschool...I bet that was fun as well as exhausting!
Love the pics, such sweet little girls and the two new baby boys to boot!
Hugs dear,

sleeper sofa said...

Reminisce... and this and that
That is a cool idea, it absolutely helps me out. I enjoy your blog and your style of writing!