Friday, May 04, 2012

Groopdealz necklace

How many of you wake up every morning to Groopdealz and VeryJane?
Oh my gosh, two of my favorite guilty pleasures. I've only ordered a few of their amazing deals, but I thoroughly enjoy viewing them every morning.
On February 5th Groopdealz featured this necklace ~ made by Your Spoiled Baby. I could hardly contain my excitement because that is what Emolyn says to her Mama & Daddy ~ "I love you to the moon & back". But there was a 25 space limit. And I'm thinking no way will all their names fit. Well that was the exact number of spaces I needed! Yes!

So before I showed Emolyn, to ask if she'd like to give this to her Mama when the twins were born, I asked her Daddy how sure they were that the boys would be named Nathan & Jonah. He said "pretty sure, but you never know". Well, that was good enough for me. Seriously, I got this beautiful necklace for $10.00! (retails $20.00) Love their awesome dealz!

Well get this ~ Emolyn kept the surprise a secret all this time! 
She was so excited when she could finally give it to her Mama! She made her a beautiful card and wrapped it in lots of purple and gave it to her last week. And as you can see, her Mama was so surprised! Emolyn is truly a treasure ~ and the best big sister!

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Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

It's absolutely perfect!! I bet Nicole will treasure it.

(And thanks for the headsup about VeryJane--hadn't heard of that one!)