Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I love that my friend Anna captured this image of me photographing Hollyhocks. Cuz I adore Hollyhocks and have been growing them for over 15 years! Those aren't my Hollyhocks, but the rest of the photos on this post are from my backyard. 

So sad when the temps reach 112 as they did yesterday... and I'm watching my poor Hollyhocks succumb to the blistering heat. But so very thankful to have taken these images a few weeks ago. I will soon harvest all the seeds and package them in the seed packets that my husband made for me. 

These were the seed packets I made for the guests that attended the High Tea Baby Shower shortly before my granddaughter Elsie was born 20 months ago.
You can read that post HERE.

Thanks so much for admiring my lovely Hollyhocks! They are truly a favorite flower of mine.


Anonymous said...

I really need to plant some. They're beautiful. Do you have them in sun or shade and how often do you water them?

Erlinda said...

I love them. I have tried to grow them, but not having any luck. Any tips. Thanks