Thursday, July 05, 2012

swim suits & San Diego

I miss Mervyn's.
Remember Mervyn's?
I loved Mervyn's.
It's been 4 years since they closed and I can honestly say I still miss that store.
In fact, this morning I was reminded in a rather surprising way.
First off, I'm leaving for San Diego in a few hours, with a couple girlfriends. We're staying at Kathy's in-law's home while they're out-of-town and I can hardly wait. But here's the deal, we're near the ocean. And because I never learned to swim, I haven't had a suit on in years. The Pioneer Woman recently gave away 3 iPads by having us answer this question to enter the giveaway ~ "Do you own a swim suit? And when was the last time you wore it?". That's when I got to thinking that I probably still have one, but I haven't had it on in years.
Well, this morning I actually got down the basket of suits and towels and low-and-behold, there were 3 brand new swim suits in the basket! And then it all came flooding back... I got them on clearance when Mervyn's closed over 4 years ago. And yes, the tags were still on them. And talk about smokin' deals!! Each of the suits retailed from $60.00 - $70.00 each, and I paid around $5.00 -10.00 each. I'm sure I was thinking, who knows what I will fit into by the time I get around to needing a suit, so I'll get 3 different body-type styled swim suits. And by golly, I'm actually taking two of them with me this weekend in case I take a dip in the ocean or a hot tub!

Ok, I can see that some of you got stuck on the fact that I never learned to swim and didn't hear a thing I said after that. It's true. I never learned to swim. I grew up on a dairy farm with little creeks meandering throughout the property and they kept us cool during those hot, humid days. We'd occasionally go to local lakes called Hatfield and Lazy Acres, always hearing stories of someone drowning while crossing those lakes. You see, we were kept so busy working on the farm all summer, that none of us ever took swim lessons in town. And then before you know it, we're all grown up. Sad but true.

SO, I'm off  to walk the hills and beaches of San Diego with good friends.
I'll keep you posted!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Enjoy your trip Linda, that sounds heavenly!
I can't believe you had 3 suits with tags on them!
I bet their cute and you'll look amazing in them!
Have fun,

Nancy said...

Have a great time! Even though I loved swimming in Lake Erie growing up, I've never been too keen about swimming in the ocean. Usually too cold and salty for me.

John said...

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