Friday, November 09, 2012

the wedding dress

My first glimpse of my daughter's wedding dress was through the lens of a camera. And then I set the camera down... and just stared... remembering all those times she played dress-up as a little girl. And there she was, standing before me, my little girl, my little princess... all radiant and glowing... in love with her knight-in-shining-armour. I could barely breathe.
And then I cried.

Miranda found the wedding dress she had always dreamed of ~ and then had me come with her to make her final decision. 
I was a mess. The dress was so Miranda. So stunning.
It was unanimous ~ she said yes to the dress!

Miranda chose the floor model, requiring some alterations and professional dry cleaning.
But oh what a savings ~ like mother/ like daughter. ha! 

We were beyond pleased with the care and attention we received from Wedding Belles Bridal Boutique in Gilbert. And I would highly recommend them.

I could tell Miranda loved wearing her wedding gown throughout her entire wedding day. That's not always the case for some brides. I will notice tugging and pulling and adjusting going on, especially those that are not familiar with wearing a strapless gown. Probably not the best day to test out your first strapless. :)
I'm so thankful Miranda felt beautiful and comfortable and free to dance and eat and celebrate with her guests. That's so important for a bride to remember... to not only love how she looks in her dress, but how she feels in her dress... that unbridled freedom of being herself, to move about the venue without feeling restricted or uncomfortable in any way. 
Ladies, love wearing your dress!

Ok, you've got to check out the shoes Miranda wore with her dress on her wedding day!
You can read about her Sseko Charity Shoes on her blog ~ HERE.

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Jill said...

It really is a beautiful dress, a nice change from all the strapless ones you see!