Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hollyhocks are captivating

I know, I can't stop myself. Each morning I just have to capture the newest variety, the best lighting, the freshest bloom. My Hollyhocks are truly captivating.

I could seriously shoot throughout the day and be surprised by the changing light reflected on each bloom.

They make me so happy.

I literally gasped when I saw this one  ~ the light appears to be illuminating from the bloom as though a spotlight to the heavens.

My blush pink ones are blooming profusely.

They stand so tall and statuesque.

I have been reading Beth Moore's blog for years now. I just love her. The other day she posted a blog post that touched my heart, especially the following quote ~

 "Sister, Jesus is hemming you in. If He’s backed you into a corner, it’s not to isolate you but to freshly exhilarate you. He loves you. He’s seeking you out. Slow down and let yourself be caught by this holy jealous-for-you love that will not let you go. We are not just tolerated. We didn’t make it in by the skin of our teeth. We have been planned for and pursued. We are the deep desire of Someone’s heart."
He yearns jealously over the spirit that He has made to dwell in us.  
James 4:5


Little Green Bees said...

Linda! I was just looking at an old, old blog post of mine and saw where you had commented so I looked you up to see what you're up to these days. Your hollyhocks are as beautiful as ever. :) I'm growing a variety this year that is supposed to be resistant to rust. We'll see...

Anonymous said...

I love hollyhocks and a couple of years ago I discovered that Professor Steven Babcock of University of Wisconsin fame was also an ardent hollyhock grower. Prof. Babcock developed the butterfat test that literally changed the world by giving dairy farmers a way to measure the quality of their milk and thus a way to give it greater value. Well, after prof. Babcock retired from his days as a researcher, he puttered around his backyard growing hollyhocks. He became known as "professor Hollyhock." The city of Madison, Wisconsin's official flower is -- you guessed it -- the hollyhock.