Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hollyhocks in Phoenix

My Hollyhocks are making me so happy right now. And God knows I needed my girls to start blooming. Yes, Hollyhocks are girls in case you were wondering :) And just so you know, my Hollyhocks are situated right outside my bedroom window. Which gives me a front row seat to these beauties while sitting at my computer.

When I filled a pail of Hollyhock seeds and threw them in the ground back in the mid 90's, I had almost every color of the rainbow blooming those first few years. You see my husband had done a concert at a Christian College in California and the campus was filled with every color Hollyhock imaginable. So I filled a pail full of dried seeds that were still attached to the Hollyhock stalks.

When I got home I just threw 'em all in the ground. It was September. And low-and-behold that Spring I had more Hollyhocks than I could even imagine. Who knew Hollyhocks could grow so well in Phoenix, Arizona!

So needless to say, I became known as the Hollyhock Lady. My front yard was filled with Hollyhocks for all to admire as they drove by our home. I eventually planted the seeds I harvested each year, in the backyard for the afternoon shade.

Like I said, I grew every color Hollyhock. But over the years, the predominant pinks and reds won out, while the dark burgundy (known as Blacks), white, yellow, peach and double-bloom crinolines became less and less. I was so sad. Thankfully I have photos of those lost colors. My blog banner being one of them ~ my favorite crinoline hollyhock photo.
You can find that original post with my favorite photo HERE.

I actually have a handful of precious seeds from each of those colors in separate canning jars. I can't bring myself to plant them, in fear they won't reproduce and be gone forever. 

Yes, I could go out and buy seeds of any color, shape and size, but that wouldn't carry on the legacy started from the original seeds harvested on that California trip almost 20 years ago.

So, before I published this post, I decided to go outside and capture one more shot as the sun was setting this evening. Love the deep reds against the blue skies. Love my lovely girly girls.

~ Hollyhocks seeds are best planted in the fall if you live in Phoenix, Arizona ~

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Jill said...

Hollyhocks are so pretty - my Mom always had them... The colours are just so bright and vivid in your pics.

Anonymous said...

I brought hollyhock seeds from my home in MN to WA and they didn't grow well. I was so disappointed. I still have a jar of seed, as you do, maybe I'll try again.

Carol said...

Oh my, the Hollyhocks are gorgeous, Linda! I didn't know you could grow them here. I just may have to try my hand and plant some seeds this Fall!

Nancy said...

Oh, I keep forgetting to plant mine in the fall. Maybe this year. I'd love it if they look half as good as yours.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post. I have some seeds, but never knew when to plant them in Phoenix. I will try in September.

Anonymous said...

I live in Phoenix....I had Hollyhocks a few years ago...
Then someone dug all them up but I have lots of seeds.
I will plant this fall, can't wait to have my beautiful hollyhocks again.
All your pics are beautiful. Such a beautiful old fashion flower..
Dennis Hill. Phoenix, Az.