Wednesday, June 26, 2013

he got the job!

  • my husband got a job! We're talking a full-time job. Ok, no benefits, but we're so thankful he got a job that will start in two weeks. Thank you Lord!
  • we're praying I find work that gives us medical insurance and that we can dig ourselves out of the hole we've gotten ourselves in from 2 years of part-time/ unemployment. 
  • it seems daunting, but I'm trusting God will help us find a way.
  • it's going to be close to 120 degrees this weekend. Yikes!
  • the estate sale dates I've been working towards are this weekend.
  • God help us. But gosh I love my job.
  • my son Tyler is moving to Wisconsin in July.
  • I will miss him terribly.
  • my other son Shawn & his wife Nicole just celebrated 9 years.
  • we're watching The West Wing on Netflix. I am loving every single episode.
  • I simply adore Josh... and Donna... and Mrs. Landingham... and Toby... and Leo...
  • and of course the President. Omg, Martin Sheen is the best.
  • No, I take that back. None of them are anything without great writers. 
  • And Aaron Sorkin happens to be the best of the best.
  • Ok, I started this post this morning, and just an hour ago Randy & I watched the Season 2 finale. And I am still in tears. And some of you know exactly what I'm talking about.
  • Although I have a feeling Randy & I are the only ones in Phoenix to have never seen an episode prior to a month ago.
  • Ok, what else... our dear friend Ed took us on a roadtrip to Safford, Arizona last weekend. 
  • You know how much I love a roadtrip. But what you couldn't know is how much I needed a roadtrip at this time. 
  • So thankful to be out on the open road to clear my head and commune with nature.
  • Here's Ed & I with Mt Graham in the background ~ the highest peak in Arizona.


Deb said...

Yay on the job!

Fiona said...

Wonderful news! I haven't visited your blog for ages but am so happy for you both, also lovely to see your grandchildren growing up :-) hope the job turns out to be great!