Tuesday, July 09, 2013

a summer cocktail

Ok, it all started when I went to Big Lots for english muffins and saw that they had Welch's grape juice on a clearance table for 25 cents each. For reals. Click the pic and see for yourself.
And then I found the can of Mulling Spices buried in the back of my pantry. Yes, it's at least three years old but who cares. Well, upon reading the directions, it says to add the spices to grape juice, simmer for 20 minutes and then strain through cheese cloth. You can either make it a hot drink or store in the frig for a summer iced drink... 

... by adding rum
Ok, so they maybe suggested you add rum.
Well, that's when I remembered I bought a bottle of rum years ago to make The Pioneer Woman's Christmas Rum Cake. Remember that recipe? Oh my gosh, the best rum cake on the planet!
So I find the bottle of rum (and hope it's still good) 
and commence to making me a spiced apple iced rum drink.

And let me tell you what ~ so SO good! 
And you know what else? The cost for this strangely concocted cocktail only set me back a cool 25 cents! Haha!

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Jill said...

Now that's a bargain! Looks cool and refreshing!