Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tyler's move to WI

My sons Shawn & Tyler are headed to the farm in Wisconsin!
And I just got a text saying they are almost there. So very thankful they made it safely!

I'm posting the most current photo of the farm that my niece recently posted on Facebook,
of her darling daughter Preslie playing on the swing set. 
Oh the hours I spent swinging on that very swing set while growing up on the farm. Only back then the swings were made from slats of wood. Ouch.

Shawn & Tyler took off Saturday morning and drove from Phoenix to the farm in two days! The farm is 40 miles south of Eau Claire off I-94. That's almost 2000 miles in two days!

And thank God they made it. Or I should say, thank God Tyler's '98 Honda Civic made it!

They will be staying at my brother Ron & Deb's cabin...

... that overlooks the 350 acre farm.
When you click to enlarge the image you can see their 90' blue Harvester silo in the distance.

They will have all day Monday to hang out with their Uncle Gary. My brother will take them around to their favorite spots and they will have the best time making memories. Then Tyler will take Shawn to the airport in Minneapolis Tuesday morning, and head back to my sister Ginny's home in Eau Claire where he will get settled in their vintage Airstream out back, while looking for work and eventually a place of his own.

Thursday night we had a Farewell Family Dinner at Miranda & Aaron's home.
We affirmed Tyler by reminding him of his many strengths, and all that we love about him, and how much he means to us, and that he is such a good, good man. Then we prayed that God would show him every day that he is right where he should be... and that Tyler would let God lead him through chance opportunities, open doors, new friendships, the good times and not so good times... that Tyler's faith would grow.

I am so proud of him for stepping out in faith and becoming more independent,
but also becoming more dependent on God.
I will miss him terribly. But SO excited to see how his adventure unfolds.

Even though I was sobbing at this point, I managed to snap a few photos as he was pulling away Friday evening. He was spending the night with his brother so they could leave first thing Saturday morning. I was a complete mess, but so happy for the journey he was about to embark on.

No matter what happens ~ whether he is gone for the summer, or 2 years or 2 decades ~
he is forever a part of us. We're his family and we will support him in whatever he chooses to do with his life. We love you Tyler!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Wiping tear away Linda.
Such a touching post.
He is going to feel your roots all over the place.
Hey the Jackson County fair is coming up!
I always think of you when it rolls around.
Tell Tyler to check it out.
Hugs friend,

Anonymous said...

I have thought about you so much these past few days because I am in WI, staying with Christians north of Eau Claire for a few days. I actually checked your blog to see if you were in the area so we could meet for coffee. :) Bittersweet times for you, my friend! May Tyler find great fellowship, work and all he needs in WI.