Thursday, November 24, 2016

Giving thanks

Random thankful thoughts ~
  • sewing/ alterations ~ my miracle job
  • finally cooler weather 
  • my $200 ankle boots for $5.00!
  • gotta love Dillard's employee discount day
  • finally found a cassette player that works
  • vintage, retro awesomeness for only $5.00

  • I am now listening to 100+ cassettes
  • loved the one of my daughter as a baby making the sweetest sounds
  • with her Daddy singing Jesus Loves Me to her
  • listened to that one yesterday, on her 32nd birthday
  • I was a mess
  • she is the best Mommy to my dear, precious grandson Will
  • he's so stinkin' adorable!
Will James Randy
  • my husband's miraculous return after taking the van to QT for a Coke
  • he had not driven in 3 years... he had found my hidden keys 
  • I hate frontotemporal dementia 
  • but he's just the sweetest and always happy
  • spent an entire day blowing, mowing, sweeping, trimming and racking our backyard
  • just the best feeling!
  • God's provision... always meeting our every need
  • weekend women that call or come over to hear my heart, to process and pray with me
  • my new church and my Sat. morning teaching/ equipping class
  • forever and ever grateful
  • my son just text me a photo of his kids! My grandkids... my heart.
Emolyn ~ Elsie ~ Jonah ~ Nathan
  • my neighbor who gets my husband in a cab each morning
  • so I can work 8 hour days
  • my dependency on God rather than others
  • but letting God love me through others
  • trusting God and others
  • so hard but so important on this faith journey
  • my husband asking if he can give me a foot rub
  • just the sweetest blessing ever... of course I cried.
  • I have not taken that toe ring off in 16 years 
  • pumpkin bagels & apple butter (w/ cream cheese) from Big Lots
  • love Big Lots and the 99 Cent Store
  • whenever I tell Randy I love him, he always says I will love you forever & ever
  • needless to say, I say I love you a lot
  • Randy's Christmas CD ~  Through Different Eyes 
  • omg, my very favorite Christmas CD... that I happen to play year round 
  • here's the link ~ Through Different Eyes
  • email me if you want to order one ~
Happy Thanksgiving! 
It really is so good to give thanks to the Lord. 
I am truly...


Nancy said...

Love you friend and wish we could be together more.

mindy said...

Think about you so often and amazed that we're only linked through a flooded kitchen, love for vintage, blogging, and Jesus. Yet, you remain precious to my heart. May you continue on strong in your trials. And may you be weak. May you have the ability to cry out for help, and know that sobbing is OK, and that asking the Lord WHY is OK, too. It isn't doubting, it's longing for understanding. We don't have the Lord's mind or heart. Above all, may you be soothed in the knowledge that this Man Jesus and this man Randy both chose you and love you with all their hearts. Blessings this holiday season as you continue to soldier on. Love you, sister!

Jacque Shideler said...

Listening to "Thirsty" is our favorite past time especially during the Holidays. Randy's voice is so captivating and the beautiful lyrics move us to tears and give us great encouragement! We ordered several copies of "Thirsty" and "Through Different Eyes" last year to give as Christmas gifts and am so grateful to you Linda for continuing his legacy! Thank you for your faithfulness and inspiration. Thinking about you and your family during this time. May God give you rest, peace and thousands of pleasant memories as you continue to fight the good fight and care for Randy! Merry Christmas Linda!
Our heartfelt thanks and admiration,
Jacque and Dustin Shideler