Sunday, August 13, 2006

BLOGLESS no more!

So here it is... I have a blog!

After all my whining and complaining, my family decided to help usher me into the 21st century by helping me create a blog.

OK, so now that I have one I am feeling kinda bashful about the whole thing... I mean, what have I done... what's it going to be about... what am I going to say... how do I keep you coming back for more? More of what? Of ME? Yikes!

I guess I will just let this blog evolve... along with me and my life... and I will tell stories that give you a snapshot of my journey... stories that help explain who I am... stories that are just worth telling. That's it... I'm a storyteller! I am so about the story... "stories that preserve the past, encapsulate the present, and hold promise for the future", a quote from my daughter, I might add. Thanks Miranda, you so get me!

So when did my storytelling begin?

Well, I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin... the 4th of 6 kids... 3 boys and 3 girls... the first 5 kids born within 7 1/2 years... the 6th came along about 11 years later. I remember at a very young age, telling my brothers stories as they fell asleep. I would make up elaborate stories about make believe twin sisters Penny & Pat. I would have to talk real loud because their bedroom was across the hall in our two story farm house. Often times they would have long since fallen asleep, but I would still have to finish the story, anxious to see how I was going to end it! I didn't care that anyone was listening!

So I plan to keep telling the stories whether you check in or not... but it would be nice to know someone is out there.

Thanks for taking a peek ~ come back for more!

Here's a photo of me and my siblings taken Feb. '06 at my Dad's 80th birthday party on the farm.

Kevin - Ronnie - Gary
Linda - Ginny - Kathy


Gary said...

Let me be the first to say that I enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading more entries.

Amy Schubert said...

you know this is journaling, right? maybe your scrapbooking will catch up!

kristen said...

I love that you have a blog because they give me such good reading material! Ok so it satisfies the nosey side of me!

NanAZ said...

Linda, I'm so proud of you! This will be so much fun! Of course, we need to be sure that our blogging time doesn't take away from our real life time. It is kind of addicting living in this blogging world where you can just keep writing and writing and hope that eventually someone will read it. The comments do help us feel like someone out there is listening...

miranda said...

mom... your blog looks beautiful. Whoever helped you with it is the best daughter ever!
I agree with Amy about the journalling... maybe this blog will help jump start that for you!
love you

Louise said...

You are a precious gem. Thank you for sharing who you are with all who love you. You are a gift to us.
Joy and love back to you,