Wednesday, August 16, 2006

my love of storytelling

I had quite the imagination growing up... heck, I still do. Ok, so I talk for my dogs! And I often times forget it's me talking for them. Is that wrong?

Anyway, I pretended and played with dolls long after my friends stopped. So when I was 12 years old, I went from playing with dolls to playing with my very own baby brother, Kevin. And he was so much more fun than a doll! Kevin brought so much joy to our home! He became the focus of my need to love and be loved. Let me tell you, he was one loved little guy! I would spend hours talking to him... telling him stories... singing to him... holding him... just loving him to pieces!

When I graduated from high school... he was just starting school. So needless to say, he became the glue in our family, drawing us back home, wanting to be there for all his activities. He kept my parents young and active... he made us all proud. Kevin was 10 years old on my wedding day in 1979. The only tears I shed that day was when Kevin was lighting the candles.

Well, I guess my storytelling got around... so that when I was a senior in high school I was encouraged to join Forensics because they had just introduced a new catagory.... storytelling. I didn't know a thing about Forensics... but I went to the meeting... and was told to find a story to memorize for the first level of competition (district). So I edited and memorized an 8 minute story... and won in that catagory... and then was told I had to find another story for the next level (Regional)! So I edited and memorized the next story... and won in that catagory! I was going to State in Madison, WI!! Well, I found another great story... not as good or funny as the other two. I didn't get first place... but I had an awesome time... roomed with my friend Naomi, who also represented our little school, Whitehall High School, competing in another catagory. What a wild ride to cap off my senior year!

I don't remember what story went with what level of competition ~

"The Waltz" by Dorothy Parker
"I Can't Breath" by Ring Lardner
"Memoirs of a Yellow Dog" by O' Henry


Sharon said...

There's my man of almost 14 years now. Boy does Mitchel look like Kevin in this picture! Great photo!

erin hann said...

i love your dress!

Jim said...

Hi Linda, you always were a great storyteller, made me laugh endlessly when we were growing up.I still miss those years I spent with your family, and continue to hold all of the Larson family very dear to my heart. Can't wait to read more stories. Jim