Sunday, August 27, 2006

things I want to do

things I want to do before it's too late...

create mosaic stuff
exercise more
see the canadian rockies
learn photography
use photo shop
downsize my clutter
read the word more
watch shindler's list
hike the canyon again
experience the north rim
weigh my driver's license wt
floss every day
worry less
scrapbook faster
be in the moment
see myself as Christ sees me
have no regrets
give grace
listen more
talk less


NanAZ said...

How about if we do some of those together?

Canadian Rockies (thrall's are there now)
Schindler's list - bring tissues
Learn photography and Photoshop
Exercise more

NanAZ said...

Experience the North rim too. It's so much more beautiful!

Amy Schubert said...

talk less? what? !!! why? !!!

Amy Schubert said...

add to your list ... 'update my blog on a regular basis' ... come on, Linda ... if you make it a priority, it's like your scrapbook for this time in your life is 1/2way done! embrace blogger!

erin hann said...

so i was dumping all our sea glass and sea pottery (broken but now smooth shards of dishes) out of their containers and into a plastic bag .. to throw it away since i dont want to pack it.. and i thought of you with wanting to do mosaic stuff.. and the hanns are coming to visit.. so if you think you might want the pieces to experiment with.. just let me know..and you will have a free start to one of the things you want to do!

but i know you might want an actual whole plate so that you can make a broken but complete plate in your mosiac or something.. anyway.. let me know if you are interested.. otherwise i will throw it all away. = )

p.s. you would need to run it all through the dishwasher.