Thursday, August 17, 2006

you made a difference

Recently I proposed this question to a group of women- "tell me about a person from your past that you wish you could go back and talk to." Here's my story:

When I was 8 years old, I sent a paragraph about myself to this Farm Journal/ Dairy magazine... they had a page devoted to kids writing in for pen pals. I don't know what I wrote... but it must have been very impressive... cuz I got tons and tons of mail from kids all over the tri-state area. I ended up choosing Debbie from Minnesota. We wrote for over 10 years and I finally met her for the first time on her wedding day and then our correspondence ended. And no, she is not the person I would want to talk to.
In the midst of the tons of mail that I recieved, I got a letter from a lady asking if she could send me a subscription to the magazine, Young Ambassadors. Wow... I was thrilled... my very own magazine!
But little did I know the effect the magazine would have on me spiritually. I became very aware of God, and wanting to be a good person for Him. I read these stories that made me want to believe in miracles... to believe that God was good and not mean and scarey and far away. When the year ended I wrote to thank her for the magazine... and she ended up renewing the magazine for many years after that.
Wow... what could I possibly say to her? Well...
"Thank you... thank you for investing in ME. Thank you for making a little girl believe she was special... that she was destine for great things. Did you have any idea that your act of kindness would make a difference... that many years later I would trust Jesus with my life... that I would let Him use ME in the life of another... just as you did? Thank you for planting that seed of hope."

Who from your past has made a difference in your life? Tell them... or tell me (or someone) if they have passed on.


NanAZ said...

So do you know that lady's name and address? You should write to her now.

Paula said...

You have just begun and your blog is already newsy and fun just like you. Some of the stuff in it I know already, some I don't, but either way I am enjoying your stories! Keep them coming!