Friday, October 13, 2006

PYREX cookware

Did you know that back in the 50's PYREX put out a whole line of cookware... along with tea pots and various size perculator coffee pots?
I just love them! They are so sparkle pretty and functional... but very breakable. So to find a coffee pot with all the glass guts intact is very rare. So I was thrilled AND willing to pay $12.00 at a thrift store in Apache Junction several years ago to get my very own! You see I have a photo of a Larson family gathering in the 50's with the same size PYREX perculator sitting on our kitchen table. My Mom said the paper thin glass basket and stem that holds the grounds eventually broke and back then you didn't just order a replacement... you threw it out.

The day after I brought home my PYREX perculator Randy and I pulled up 2 stools and sat staring in front of the stove as the coffee pot did it's thing. I'm telling you, it was fascinating to be able to see the whole volcanic process as the pot perculated! The kids thought we should maybe get a life... but it was truly entertaining!

Oh and the double-boiler has a cute story... the two parts were bought many years a part... having no idea that they went together. I was so close to not buying one of the parts cuz it didn't have a lid... but that's because the part I already had with a lid went inside the other!! I was so surprised and delighted to have them reunited and functional once again!


lorenzstudio said...

Hi Linda!
I am dying to have a Pyrex percolator! When I do find an in tact one, you can be sure my husband and I will be just as excited to watch the water boil and pour itself over the grounds to produce a cup of coffee!

lorenzstudio said...

I know the ladies at would love to see your pyrex collection.
There are also some amazing Pyrex photos on that were posted this morning.

Anonymous said...

you are just too funny ...

lorenzstudio said...

Out of curiosity...what do the markings say on the bottom of your inner pan to your double boiler? I was thrilled beyond belief today when I found a Pyrex "saucepan" for $3.00, and now after looking at your post again, I think I have part of the double boiler!

The other Donald said...

I wish I knew what Pyrex was made of. It may be the same stuff they made T-Fal from. Do you remember that? It was that real slippery stuff for pots and pans. I think Corning Glass company may have a secret ingredient that they put it in, kinda like Coca Cola and their secret recipe.