Monday, February 19, 2007

24/7 prayer

This week our church is hosting a week of 24/7 Prayer. It began at 6 PM last night and will continue through Sat. the 24th.
I was so moved by the various prayer stations that various gifted artist put together to draw us into a deeper understanding of the Lord and our time spent with Him in prayer.
I wanted you to see what my artist friend Angie made from a gourd. Isn't it sooo beautiful!! Be sure to click to enlarge so you can read what she wrote.

Angie writes "The gourd represents a vessel to be filled.. The hands signify not only a releasing to Him but a recieving from Him. The red color inside this piece represents fire symbolic for burnt offerings. The Hebrew writing are various names of God." (in case the top part was too hard to read)

Don't you just love that art can be expressed in all kinds of ways... crafting, quilting, sewing, writing, painting, scrapbooking, photography, cooking, decorating, collecting and on & on. Our gifts and talents are unique to who we are and they give us that inner peace, joy and contentment when we are doing what we were created to do. What is your creative passion?


Angie in AZ said...

Linda, I so appreciate your enthusiasm. Not only for my art, but for life. You always make me smile, in the least, and bust out laughing most often! Every artist needs a "Linda" in their corner. Your encouragement means so much to me! Thanks you, my sweet friend!

Becca said...

Hi Linda, thanks for posting that. Any chance we could see some of the other stations?

Gardener Greg said...

I actually have two gifts. The first you know about. I love to work with plants. I don't know why I have the ability to grow plants easily but I do. When I was young, I would spend many hours working in the gardens of my two grandmothers. Not only did they teach me about gardening but they taught me to listen which is my other gift. I am a great listener and for some reason people like to tell me their problems. If anyone at work gets into an argument, you can be sure that before the day is out, both people will talk with me and tell me their side and ask my opinion. I think I am like a neutral solution that is needed with all the tension in the world.

Britt-Arnhild said...

What a perfect and beautiful symbol.

Bettsi said...

Oh man. That is so beautiful! Please tell your friend that she has touched my heart so powerfully. Everything about that piece speaks to me. I wish I could be there to throw my burden into the fire and trust Him with it. Angie is very, very talented.