Wednesday, February 21, 2007

spring has sprung

It's here. Spring is in the air. So what did I do? I went to the Zoo!!
My friend Kathy & I took four adorable little preschool boys on a field trip to the Zoo today... and the weather could not have been more perfect! I love the Phoenix Zoo! Oh and everyone, listen up! Awesome new attraction! The Stingray Bay exhibit!! A 12,000 gallon touch tank filled with 30+ Stingrays for your viewing pleasure! Heck, I did more than that! I actually played with them! They are so friendly & playful and cute & slimy! They love to be touched! And no need to worry, they have had their barbs painlessly trimmed... so we were safe.
And yes, I said cute! (found this cute pic online)

I think it was while I was at the Zoo, basking in the sunshine, petting the Stingrays that I got this overwhelming desire to dig in the soil, trim & prune, hose off everything in sight, rake the dead leaves, sweep the patio and wash windows! Just kidding on that last one. Spring is here!


Heidi said...

I love sting rays! I love how they feel, and I love the way they gracefully move through the water. For some weird reason, they relax me!

I'm envious that spring is well, "springing" for you already! We still have a while to go--in fact it's supposed to snow this weekend! Wahh! Enjoy your spring!

Kerri B said...

I NEVER have an urge to wash windows...the other things, maybe in a month or 2 after the snow melts!

Stingrays are cool. What a fun fieldtrip!

brandi y. said...

Linda, spring is here, too. Too bad you guys can't make a quick trip. We are suppossed to have really wicked weather Friday and Saturday. You would love it.


P.S. It's a Boy!

miranda said...

I went to the zoo a year ago with Simon and Addy... it was a blast. I need to go back again!!! Are there cheetas there, or are they still dead?

Sandy said...

Oh, Linda! We have snow today. So much that school was cancelled, again! We haven't had snow days since 1998. I love the kids home tho. They have a blast with the snow and friends.

NanAZ said...

We got to play with wild stingrays (no barbs removed) when we did a Caribbean cruise. It was amazing! They're just like cats. They love to swim right up the front of you and against your legs and stuff. Generally they don't sting people unless someone tries to keep them from going where they want to go. We have a photo of our group standing around one of our guides holding one up at the surface of the water. It was way cool!

MariaJ said...

Oh what a good idea to go to the Zoo! I havent ever seen stingrays alive, only on TV. Thanks for sharing this experience...and I HOPE spring will come here some day (HOPEFULLY soon) too.

Margaret said...

Hi Linda just been on having a read at your site , great , what a lovely family you seem to have ,you are so blessed to still have ur Mum and Dad i lost my Dad when i was 9 years old and still miss him so very much , anyway Happy Gardening I will be back soon from across the big pond . Margaret