Tuesday, February 06, 2007

this & that

I finally have it...right here on my desk and it was well worth the wait! The March Romantic Homes issue... featuring Alicia's colorful home... so beautiful!
My daughter Miranda has a collection!! She is finally showing signs of being like me. Not! She is so her Daddy's daughter.
Have I told you Miranda (she's 22) is truly a Disney Diva Princess... loves Disneyland like no other! Soooo... she is collecting the Disneyland Pictorial Souvenir Guides. If you have any laying around, she would gladly take them! She found the 1981 Disneyland guide at a thrift store a couple years ago... and decided yesterday that she wants to collect them all from years past. I'm just thrilled to have yet another excuse to go to more thrift sales!

Have you seen the Bridal Shower pics on Heather Bullard's blog? Oh my gosh, the most elegant Bridal Shower ever! She had a contest for those that left comments on her blog. She would have a drawing for the Bridal Shower gifts she gave to all her guests. And I won!!! So yesterday a package was delivered to my home and inside were these lovely gifts. I don't know if I will ever open them! They are just too pretty, too sweet... simply delightful. Thank you Heather!

One more thing... my sewing machine died. I am so sad. She was 30 years old and seemed to be going strong. I oiled her yearly and spent time with her weekly. But Saturday, I think I pushed her too far. I was sewing costumes for Tyler's high school musical "Copacabana" and she started to sputter. It was not how I wanted her to go... in a room full of strangers. I would have prefered her to take her last stitch alone... in the comforts of our home. So when she had finally stitched her last, I told the ladies that I had to leave. I needed to take her home. We needed to be alone... give her the dignity she so deserved.
You see, I brought four things with me when I came out here to Phoenix 30 years ago. My 13 inch TV... my bike... my neon green & purple Arctic Cat snowmobile jacket and my sewing machine. All bought with my own money. The sewing machine and jacket are still with me. Don't ask me why I still have the jacket... I just do.
So now, I need to decide whether to take her in or let her go. I will keep you posted.


Cindy said...

Oh I want the new Romantic Homes Mag now! My subcription ran out. Is it in the stores yet?

Susie Q said...

I just got the new Romantic Homes! : )
Poor dear sewing machine! Shall I send flowers or will we be asked to send to her favorite charity? Seriously, I know you are probably really sad about it! That is a long time and you get attached I know! I have things like that...
I found your blog via Cindy's...I have really enjoyed myself. LOVE your freebie collection! What fun!

I will be back often!


Cindy said...

I went to Barnes and Noble and got my copy. Thanks for letting us know it is out.

NanAZ said...

Love the gifts! Can I see them in person when I come over? I've never seen Romantic Homes. How can that be? Can I see that too?

Sorry to hear about your sewing machine...moment of silence please...

See you soon girlfriend!

mosaic queen said...

Hello Linda!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for all of the kind compliments!!! Isn't this whole blogging thing amazing?! We are practically neighbors, but you found me through someone in New Jersey. That's soooo cool!!!

Anita said...

Oh guess what, I had the February issue of "Romantic Homes" in the mail yesterday, sent to me by a dear blogging friend. It's lovely and I could imagine that the March issue with "Posy's" home is be great as well!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my Valentine's heART give-away. You might have seen on my blog that went to someone else... ;-(( Nevertheless, I hope you'll pass by my blog again very soon!

Leigh Ann said...

I'm so sad for you and your machine.

Love the stuff you won. It is really pretty.

Cheers! LA

Carol said...

Congratulations on winning those gorgeous bridal shower gifts Linda!:D I have a little drawing too tomorrow, I'm giving my heart away and don't want you as one of my loyal readers to miss out! What a pity we can't get "Romantic Homes" overhere, especially the February issue with Valentines day coming up must be wonderful! Sorry to read about your broken old sewing machine!

Sandy said...

Sorry to hear about your sewing machine! And congrats on winning.

Since you're always talking about your "finds" check out my blog ... we could be the bargain sisters :)

miranda said...

no one seems to even care about my Disney book collection... I feel so unloved on your blog =(