Thursday, March 01, 2007


Last night I took pictures as 'The Sweet Heavenly Angels' were getting ready to go out on stage to rehearse. These are the costumes I was responsible for. Are they not the cutest, most angelic high school girls ever! And you know what, they are! They just lit up the room as they came out of the dressing room. I grabbed my camera and when they found out it was going on my blog, they knew just what to do!

Tyler is the cute pirate in the back with the white headband. Two hours later Miranda took him to get his hair cut off! Check out Miranda's blog for the photo scoop. My baby looks soooo grown up now and oh soooo very handsome!

Hey locals, the musical starts at 7:30 PM each night. Come early to get your ticket and get a good seat!!


Gardener Greg said...

Wow those are cute outfits. You did a great job. I need to find some of my old outfit pictures. I made some great costumes over the years.

Jennifer said...

Wow, did you actually make ALL those costumes? Impressive. And they are so sweet looking - both the young women and the costumes!

Sandy said...

Wish I could come! Sounds like fun. Love, love, love those costumes! Good Job, Mom!