Monday, March 26, 2007

let's get real

I saw a couple blogs out there this morning that are calling Monday's "let's get real Monday".
OK... so, I'll get real and fill you in on my reality.
First off, our youngest turned 18 and Friday he got his driver's license... need I say more.
Then our only daughter moved out this weekend... on her own... alone... in a darling apartment... need I say more.
Oh and I suppose I could mention that I am very hormonal and emotional... and a recovering control freak.
So... there you go, is that real enough for you!
Seriously, I am doing better than I ever thought possible. And how's that, you may be asking?
Well, I am choosing to believe that God is who He says He is.
He is trustworthy, so I can trust Him with my kids, cuz frankly He adores them.
He is in control at all times, so I don't have to think that I am.
He sees everything, knows everything, so how can I NOT let go and let Him be God.
He will not give me more than I can handle.
He is all I need. He is enough.
Randy wrote a song a few years ago that says it all.
Click here if you'd like to hear the song off his "Thirsty" CD. (that's me on background vocals)

Shawn, Miranda, me and Tyler during Tyler's 18th birthday party on Saturday! Love my kids to pieces!

After church on Sunday, I went with Miranda on her first grocery shopping trip. We had so much fun loading up her cart, telling the checkout gal that she was shopping for her first apartment, finding the laundry basket on clearance for $2.00! That's my girl! Speaking of! She just posted about her "5 days in NYC"! Click here and check out her awesome pics!


NanAZ said...

I know the feeling of the impending and real empty nest. There are lots of perks to it, but I wouldn't trade any of them to be able to see my "kids" a few times a least yours will probably be in town for a while. It's always comforting and satisfying to see how well they're doing in the "real" world. Besides, we don't really have control of them when they're at home. It's just more obvious when they're living somewhere else. I'm praying for you in this season of change...God will continue to do great things with you and with your kids!

NanAZ said...

BTW, it looks like Miranda made quite a haul. Since when is a clock considered "groceries"?

Hope you had fun!

Unknown said...

The only thing we really have to give back to God is our will, but it's the hardest thing, isn't it? You've raised your kiddos well and now you will be able to look on them with so much joy and pride as you see how well they can do on their own. Big hugs to you!

Jill said...

Oh my! I know that feeling...little birds growing up and leaving the nest...and hormonal! Oh my yes!!!! Thanks for the nice comment and well wishes for our friend.
Your family is beautiful! Aren't kids just fabulous?
Godd luck to Miranda!

Anonymous said...

Okay so my kids are only 4 and 1 but hey I am working on the control freak thing, the worrying thing, the I have to give my burdens to God thing and slowly but surely it is happening! I am so excited for everyone and can't wait to see you all!

Michelle Legler said...

Raise your hand if you are a control freak......can you see me hands?! :-)

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I listened to the song..... so pretty; I hear you on background. Who is the lead singer?
My son is in a Christian band, he is a bassist and sometimes vocalist. :)
Thanks for sharing!

Diana LaMarre said...

Oh, gosh,Linda, you at such a tough time for a mother....watching her babies leave the nest.

Eventually I hope you learn to enjoy your new freedom. It's a whole new stage of life for you and Randy.