Monday, March 12, 2007

coping with the copa

How do I unwind when I am overwhelmed and anxious? I go thrifting.
How do I celebrate when I am no longer overwhelmed and anxious? I go thrifting.
OK, so basically I cope, escape and relax by thrifting.
Needless to say, this weekend was filled with "Copa" shows and thrifting! The shows were awesome! Sooo much fun watching these kids shine on stage! Randy and I were so proud of Tyler. He had the time of his life!

This week I will feature some of my favorite finds.
For starters, this apron! Why? Because the ric rac is sewn on by hand! So what's the big deal? Well... I had just read on Alicia's blog that she hand sewed the ric rac on her new totes. And I wanted to see how she did that... and this apron enables me to see... up close and personal! And I love that someone lovingly sewed every single stitch and they will never know that I lovingly appreciate every single stitch. Like I said, I love this apron... 99 cents at Goodwill! More deals to come.


Sandy said...

Fun, fun, fun!
You are funny, too :)

No time for thrifting for me this past weekend, but spring's a' comin! :)

Happy Monday, Linda!

Heidi said...

Thrifting is how I cope too! LOL

I read that same thing about hand-sewn rickrack on Alicia's blog and wondered why you would do that! Now I can see the very different look you get from just sewing it on with a machine. Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

yes I love thrifting and even more I love aprons - I still have my grandmas ones that I make use of :-)

Leigh Ann said...

Spoken like a true thrifter! :)

I love the apron. Rickrack on an apron is my favorite!

I want to shop at your Goodwill. I've never seen such things at mine.

Cheers! LA