Friday, June 15, 2007

happy things

Several of you bloggers are posting your 'happy things'. It made me think about what is making me happy at the moment. Oh, I know, happiness is only fleeting. It comes and goes. And what I really desire most is that peace, joy and contentment, that is not dependant on my circumstances but rather on the knowledge that the Lord is always in control and always with me and that I am loved unconditionally just the way I am, no matter what. But having said that, I do love my happy things! So here goes...

My friend Kathy gave me these miniature sewing items this week. I about cried! I actually learned to sew on that very same Singer machine! Ok, only larger. And I now own the smallest pin cushion in the world! And I would have sooo picked out those very bolts of fabric! What a precious gift Kathy! You're the best! (the dime is to show just how tiny!)

Ok, so when I knew I would be taking my Mac to my new job three days a week, thus began my search for the perfect laptop tote bag. My daughter-in-law Nicole suggested Ross and Marshalls. Here's what I found... a Nine West computer tote bag with a padded sleeve for my 15" Mac and get this... $140.00 retail... for only $19.99!! Yes, twenty dollars!! And it's perfect for my computer mouse, cords, wallet, water bottle, cell phone, magazines, etc! And, well, I look so darn cool!

My precious Koda makes me soooo happy! She brings so much joy to our home and family. Look at that sweet face! TOOO CUTE!

Our friends Rand & Michele grow the sweetest tomatoes! And the tiny yellow pear tomatoes are my very favorite!! Yesterday at work I made the mistake of biting into one, rather than popping the whole thing in my mouth... yup, juices all over my pants!

I am really jazzed about my new lamp! Why? Cuz I paid only $2.99 at Saver's!!! I already had the shade and had been looking for a taller lamp. I looked everywhere- Ross, TJMax, Marshalls, IKEA, Kirkland and Target... and it was at Saver's all along! YES! I was one happy shopper!


KT said...

Thanks for your comment at my blog. That is definitely the smallest pin"cushion" and the cutest I have ever seen. I love your blog. The thread catchers are cute and look very useful.

Lizzie said...

That tiny sewing machine is precious! I love it! And what a great find on your bags. Isn't it nice to carry such a nice spiffy bag into work each day?

Becca said...

I love the miniatures. They are precious. I want to make some bolts of fabric like that now.

Heidi said...

I love the lamp & shade! Your patience paid off! :)

Lucy said...

I really love Ross's-TjMaxx, Marshalls, I'm one that doesn't mind digging a little to find a bargain. Your laptop tote is lovely and a wonderful deal!

Thanks for the link on the picture tutorial--I'll have to keep my eyes open for a tripod, that could be the source of my "shaky hands" syndrome I seem to be having with my camera!


Nicole T said...

I love your new laptop bag! Good pick!