Friday, June 08, 2007

this & that

Mrs. McGillicutty is sporting a thrifted gingham apron trimmed with gigantic ric rac. She's looking ready to 'rock 'n sew'! Did you notice the colored melamine cups on my little galvanized cupboard? Found all ten cups in a bag at Saver's for two dollars. They were missing their matching saucers, which was fine with me. Love that stacked look.

Have you seen these 13"x13" trays at IKEA? I loved their design, especially the aqua one, but was unwilling to pay $5.99. They went down to $3.99 and I snagged an aqua one and an orange one. Heck, they may be even cheaper by now! I like that you can use them as you work on a scrap page... or any craft project that you need to move around the house.

*** GUESS WHAT?? I just got back from IKEA and they are now 99 cents!! YES, 99 cents!!

Went to Ross the other night and found this darling little dish drainer for $3.50. Isn't it so cute and handy. You could fill it with picture packets, fat-quarters, scrap embellishment packets, sewing notions, vintage salad plates. What else? Help me out.
Randy took the old red metal clock apart so it wouldn't run like a Mac truck! Seriously, it was sooo loud! Now it's as quiet as a mouse and runs like a... clock!


Rhoda said...

Love your new banner, Linda. And, congrats on the new job. I'd like to know what you're doing too..some sort of office assistant? Glad you are enjoying it.

Love your little craft room corners!

Southern Hospitality

lorenzstudio said...

I have an ever-growing collection of melamine. Love those cups you bought!!

Sandy said...

Linda, I think your photos need to go into a magazine or a book!
Happy Weekend.
For Reluctant Entertainers
PS What is your new job?

Sandy said...

Hey girl, look at the new banner!
For Reluctant Entertainers

Jolene George said...

You find the neatest things. How fun! Your new banner loks great too!

Lizzie said...

I can't get over how neat and trim your craft area is I just love that apron with the larger than life rick rack... here is a confession from me... my "craft room" was a large glad trash bag full of scrap fabrics, a rubbermaid container that wouldn't close properly full of stationery and scrapbook papers and three stacking boxes full of rubber stamps and the matching ink pads and embossing gun!!! It was a very disorganized mess. LOL

Becca said...

Everything is so sweet in your craft room. I must tell you of my recent find (I didn't buy it but thought of you.) I was at the thrift store and saw an enameled aqua sunbeam mixmaster with two bowls and the instruction booklet--for $25!! It was super special but not on my need list.

Amy said...

what I"m looking at is the lovely retro red clock on your wall thats plugged in - was it another thrift find?

Naturegirl said...

Linda I love your craft room so organized!!Come on over and help me with my office space!! I'm trying!!
You are right those peonies in the corner do look like my garden peonies!!! Happy day hugs NG

NanAZ said...

Hey if you get back to Ikea pick up a couple of those trays for me. Blue and...what other colors do they have?

Your husband is so handy. Do you loan him out? I'd love to know how he did your banner and how he fixed that clock. Awesome!

Becca said...

you inspired me to straighten our library/craft room/nursery (someday). It looks so much better already!

Natasha said...

Oh such pretty pictures and you look so at home in your job!!!

Those cups were the first thing I noticed!! Mrs.Mcgillicutty is looking so charming in her apron.. Love the xl rick rack!!

I actually hung a child sized dishdrainer on my wall to hold "flavor of the week" fabrics. They are great!! said...

Great name for your dress form! I love Lucy, but then, who doesn't??

Good luck with the new job, best wishes!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

LOL...I grew up eating off of orange melamine.
Thanks for the fun flashback!

One day, I hope my craft/sewing room will be as organized as yours.

What a great space!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your new job! And thanks for sharing more pictures of your gorgeous craft room - "Mrs. McGillicutty" cracks me up.

Zoey said...

It says your comments are disabled on the first post so I will just comment here.

Your shelves are looking so nice and neat. I like the sugar container--so clever!

anita said...

Oh wow! Oh drool! I am only a couple of posts down on your blog and I'm addicted already! Thank you sooo much for leaving a comment on mine so I could find yours! My day is brighter already, and I can't wait to read more... I'm feeling a little studio envy right now!