Saturday, October 20, 2007

Door County

I love Door County so much that you can imagine my sheer delight in finding a plum colored sweatshirt that conveyed those very sentiments... "When I grow old I will wear purple and retire in Door County!" I was so tickled that I let out a squeal of laughter! You see I had just said to Randy earlier in the day that I wanted to live here someday! And get this, it was on a clearance table outside on the porch of one of those darling little shops... originally $55.00. And... oh, you know me so well... paid $13.00!!

I was looking through my Oct. issue of Martha on our trip and found out that these odd looking squash are called turban squash. I have never seen such vibrant colored squash before!

Love the Halloween artwork on this bottle of wine, and appropriately called "Hallowine". How fun and festive!

Door County is simply one of the most beautiful places in all of Wisconsin. If you look at a map of Wisconsin, you will see that it sorta looks like a mitten... well, Door County is the thumb of the mitten.
It was so much fun traveling through Door County with my brother Gary and his wife Kathy. So much to see and do... climbing up the 75 ft. observation tower at Peninsula State Park, the 130 year old Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, more wineries, hiking along trails, darling little shops in every town, discovering honey crisp apples (yum!) and sampling tons more local foods. And the day could not have been more perfect... blue skies, in the 50's, soft breezes off the Bay.

Be sure to scroll down and read my other WI posts if you are just now tuning in. We are back in Phoenix now and the weather has cooled off since we left. So happy about that! Check back for a couple more WI posts. Later!


Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Great post and pictures. It's funny, I've never thought of Wisconsin being the shape of a mitten. . . me being from Michigan and all LOL.


suzy said...

Oh, I like your post and the pictures. What a nice trip.
Love, Suzy

Lizzie said...

What beautiful photographs of autumn foliage! Breathtaking. :-) Glad you are having such a lovely time.

Zoey said...

I have so enjoyed all of your posts about your trip home!

"Hallowine"....what a great name for a promotional wine. Love it!

I must say, though, I have never thought of Wisconsin as a "mitten". Hmmmmmm, now I must get a map and take a second a look. Are you sure you weren't looking at my state--Michigan? LOL.

What cute crafts you made. I love the tote bag. I keep buying patterns for totes and have yet to make one. Hopefully, I will make one this winter.

The snowmen are just way too cute!

That cabin was indeed romantic. I can see why you love it there so much!

NanAZ said...

I have heard so much about Door County, but have never been there. I keep trying to talk Terry into going back there sometime, but he just doesn't get the attraction of the midwest. Maybe I'll just have to do a girls' trip someday if I can't get him to go. Hmmm...maybe I'll start planning a trip on the days that he goes to Vegas for his football weekend. Now there's a good idea! Of course, Door County is a little too far for a weekend.

Great pics by the way and I love the new banner as well.

I'm glad you're back and you brought the cooler weather with you! Thanks!

kristen said...

I have told Joe next time we venture out to wisconsin we must go to door county! Of course Mom said "its such a long trip over there" But I know it will be worth it!