Monday, October 29, 2007

more WI pics

I know. Enough of the WI pics... move on Linda. Well, I can't. When it's 98 degrees (yes, it was 98 degrees on Sunday!), you gotta escape somewhere. So I give you a few more images of what I left behind, of where I would like to be, of why I can't let go just yet...

My Dad and his beloved John Deere tractor... his very first John Deere tractor... that he got back in 1969. He has bought many since then, but has never let go of his very first John Deere.
Now I know where I got it from... my being all sentimental, nostalgic, wistful and overly attached. I've cried when we traded in vehicles that our kids came home from the hospital in when they were born! I know, silly, but true.

My very favorite fruit... my very favorite colors... raspberry red and aqua blue. Everytime I look at this lovely image, I want to shoo that fly away. Do you see it? (clic the pic and see for yourself)

We fell in love with my niece's kitty Tazz. She is sooo loving, that she actually hugs you! She especially loved Randy.

My Mom loves when I come home so I can give her a little makeover... the usual cut and style. She looks so great! She is so healthy and full of energy that I can hardly keep up with her. I am praying Randy and I are as active as my Mom & Dad are at their age.

What an inspiration you are to so many. Love you Mom & Dad!

We saw many of these lovely pheasants while in Wisconsin. Randy would slow the van, I would roll down the window and point and shoot... um, with my camera. Have you ever seen a truer red!

I just made this picture my screen saver because I love it so much.
One day I wandered along this country back road taking dozens of pictures, wanting so badly to capture an image that would do justice to the moment, so as to never forget how this moment made me feel.
This image takes me back there every time.


Sher's Creative Expressions said...

I'm not tired of seeing your WI pictures Linda.

Nice new picture of you posted too. Seeing pictures of your parents, it's now obvious where you get that great smile of yours from!



Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
I am not tired of your WI pictures either, they could be in a magazine or on a calendar they are so good. Your a fabulous photographer.
I love the raspberries and the aqua blue, they are so pretty together. Let's shoo that fly away together!! SHOOOOOOO FLYYYYY!!

Have a great Tuesday. :) Bren

Skerrib said...

Stupid makes me want to flick my screen.

Judy said...

I'm heading in your direction...leaving the brisk fall temperatures of British Columbia behind and looking for a little Arizona sunshine. We were at Oatman today and plan to visit the Grand Canyon tomorrow, and totally enjoying the journey.
Great pic's of WI...thanks for sharing them.

daisy cottage said...

Wonderful pictures Linda! Oh your Dad is adorable - I LOVE that he still has his first John Deere! And your Mom is too cute too! Your last photo is just beautiful.


Sandy said...

Love those raspberries! My favorite fruit.

NAME: CIELO said...

I too love autumn roads full of leaves and colors... thank you for sharing this awesome pc. Come see mines... at my blog

NanAZ said...

Great fall pics...keep posting as long as you want!

Have Randy Photoshop that fly out of there then blow up that Raspberry photo and hang it on your wall. It's gorgeous! Love the combination of colors.

Looking forward to our time together next week. Can't wait till it's here.

Mary said...

Hi there, found you through Rhoda, at Southern Hospitality. What beautiful pictures! I've never been to WI, but it looks gorgeous! Your mom and dad are really cute, too. :) I look forward to browsing through your past posts...

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Linda, I am so trying to get caught up with visiting some of my blog friends, it gets so tough some weeks.

WOW! at the beautiful pics you took on your vacation. I just love the dairy farm you grew up on & how you captured the scenery in that area. You really got some nice shots to share with us all. So happy that you enjoyed time with your family, it looked like a real special time together.


Peta said...

The red raspberries in their aqua box look divine!