Friday, November 16, 2007

my blue bike

I had a bike like this while growing up. Only it was blue. I got it for Christmas. It was a beauty.
I loved riding my bike. I loved the freedom... daydreaming for hours while peddling along the country roads.
My brothers and I would see how far we could ride our bikes without touching the handlebars. I once rode all the way to York without touching the handle bars. York was one mile from our family farm. A little bitty town of a couple dozen people. I was so proud of myself.
I keep looking for a bike like this one, with a basket to decorate seasonally. I saw in a magazine where they put twinkle lights all over the bike and it glittered so magically in the snow. They filled the basket with shiney wrapped packages and sparkley big bows. Can't you just see it! I know we don't have snow in Phoenix... but I would still love to do that. Ok, so maybe someone out there will decorate an old vintage bike for Christmas and post on their blog! Let me know.
All to say, I am so thankful for memories... reflection... reminiscing.
The image of that red bike reminds me of moments and feelings of my blue bike and that makes me smile.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Linda, great to hear from you today! I had a blue bike growing up too. We only had one bike between me & my sister & we about wore that thing out. Loved bike riding & still do.


Miranda said...
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Miranda said...

So you would see how far you could go without touching your handlebars... you son Tyler would see how far he could go on his bike with his eyes closed... like mother like son, huh? Yours ended with a lot less injuries I'm sure...

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

I had a blue Schwin bike that my dad picked out of someone's trash (guess that's where I get it from). I remember him stopping, going up to the house and asking is we could have the bike. He then fixed it up with tires and a basket. I LOVED THAT BIKE. It had the most comfortable seat ever. Unlike the bikes today. . . the seats are terrible!! And today, I could really use that extra padding.



mosaic queen said...

Hey Miss Linda!
Long time no see!
Try the Goodwill in Apache Junction for the bike. I used to see them at the "old" (now closed) Goodwill in Scottsdale.
You must come visit me at my new blog

NAME: CIELO said...

Hi Linda.... I think it's a great idea; and it look soooo pretty, and vintage.

Good to see you again.


Jolene George said...

oh you so need to get yourself a vintage bike and peddle all around your neighborood with your decorated basket. Love it!

NanAZ said...

Did you see the awesome cruisers at the beach house? I have some great bikes stories, as you can imagine with a family of six on a limited budget. I'll have to tell those stories the time I was learning to ride and rode up a tree! really! and there's more...great blog material. I'm sure you can find a bike like that somewhere.

NAME: CIELO said...

Hi Linda.. just stopping by to say hi, and wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING.