Thursday, April 10, 2008

Emolyn's sweet visit

Yesterday was a very special day for Emolyn. She met her great-grandparents for the first time. Emolyn is named after Randy's Mom Emolyn. Isn't this the sweetest picture of the two of them!
Randy's Dad is in a Hospice Care facility and will be going home to see Jesus and his two children very soon. (Randy's sister Patty died when she was 18 years old and his brother Barry died a few years ago)
We are so grateful that Papaw was aware that little Emolyn was there.

Randy & I could see how Emolyn filled the room with such joy and hope... reminding us that Randy's Dad will be spending eternity with God and that his 85 years on earth has affected us all deeply. I have the kindest, most hard working, loving man for a husband... and I know that his Dad had a huge part in shaping him that way. And now there is a new little one that will carry on that legacy.
It's just so sad for those of us left behind... especially his wife of 65 years, whom he dearly loves.
These are the hands of his dear, loving wife... a Godly woman who will soon be saying goodbye to her husband, helpmate, campanion and friend. May she always remember the blessings, the memories and the stories that will live on forever.


Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Oh my, what a heartfelt, touching post. I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I type.

We are going through something similiar with hubby's dad. Fighting cancer. . . clear, returns, clear, returns.

Isn't it wonderful to know that we will all be rejoined one day with each other and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ? Even though it is so hard to be the ones "left" with the void. . .



kristen said...

so sweet!

Nicole T said...

You captured the day beautifully.

NanAZ said...

What a special photo for Emolyn to cherish in the years to come. We're praying for all of you as you go thru this tough time of saying goodbyes. What a blessing and legacy that they have been to your family for all these years. Randy's dad reminded me a lot of my own dad when I met him. What a precious man.

You'll all be in our prayers.

Skerrib said...


Nonie Mae.... said...

What a beautifup post!

Debbie Kay My Vintage Daydreams said...


Your heart shows throught in ALL of your posts and Christ shows through in your heart.....

Love you,