Sunday, April 06, 2008

the ultimate princess party

What little girl wouldn't want to attend a Princess Party. Especially a Princess party where they hear the truth of who they are in Christ... how God sees them... how they are adored and accepted just as they are. Saturday our church sponsored a Princess Party for all the little girls ages 3-8. 48 little girls attended dressed in their finest princess gowns. They heard the ultimate Princess story where instead of "Once upon a time...", they heard "In the beginning...". They heard how Jesus was the hero who came to save them from their sin and enable them to love themselves and others because He first loved us.
Can I just tell you, I wish I had heard this when I was their age. I suffered years of doubting my value, worth and significance. Never thinking I was enough. Always striving for approval. Comparing myself to others. Wanting to be like everyone else. So many of us Moms at the party had tears rolling down our cheeks as these little girls heard these powerful truths.

And of course my Princess Miranda was presented at the party. Oh my gosh, the little girls were all over her! She was quite the hit! My daughter was in her glory, the closest thing to actually being a Princess at Disneyland! She knelt down to each and every little girl to tell them how precious they are to Jesus.
She took my breath away.

I am sure you all want to know about her gown. Well, I found this elegant silver colored gown with all the original tags ($130.00) at my little thrift store for ... $4.99!!! YES! Five dollars! And it fit to perfection! The perfect princess gown with layers and layers of tulle.
Miranda asked if I could bling it up a tad. SO I found strands of rhinestones that I had saved for several years from an estate sale and hand stitched the strands on to the gown. Took me a couple hours, but well worth it wouldn't you say!

I loved watching the little girls slowly eating the cupcakes I made for the event. I chose to make miniture cupcakes with small dollops of frosting, to avoid sticky fingers on their lovely gowns. I made well over 100 cupcakes so they each had 2 or 3.

Oh, and lest you think I was all princessed out for one day... well, you're wrong. I had one more princess I had to see. The Littliest Princess.
Princess Emolyn.


Amy T Schubert said...

lovely lovely photos ...

and lovely miranda in that fabulous dress!

Jodi Ohl said...

That looks like it was a wonderfully uplifting party for the children (and adults that participated). I,too, could have heard that message long long ago!

Awesome dress that you found at the thrift!! Unbelievable!

Your Gran baby is sooo sweet. Give her an extra hug and kiss for me!

Jan said...

What a fabulous party! I wish I had been there to see AND hear!
And the dress Miranda is wearing is just gorgeous! $5 is unbelievable!!
Great post!


NanAZ said...

Gorgeous stuff! I'm sure those little girls will remember it well even years from now. And Miranda looks beautiful, as always.

Nicole T said...

Im glad you came to see the littlest princess! She loves resting with you!

Kristen said...

oh how fun and I think mini cupcakes are so cute! This is a great idea for my church!

Sandy said...

Princess Miranda is beautiful! what a great day and lesson for the girls. of course the last baby princess is the cutest :)

Unknown said...

What a wonderful idea for a party, and what a gorgeous daughter you have! Miranda looks like a real live princess, and I can tell those little girls just ADORED her! :)

Skerrib said...

That's fanTASTIC! What a special day.

Anonymous said...

I saw a video on a Beth Moore event that did that. I thought it was a great idea. Sounds like your church is really doing some AWESOME things.

Judy said...

Wonderful idea...and a beautiful princess your daughter was!

You just enjoy your precious little princess Emolyn! Our little princess Hannah arrived on Friday...and went on to be with her Maker that same day. She was our little 'visitor from heaven'...but we had to let her go.

Essential Oil Premier University said...

What an absolutely wonderful idea that party was. I too wish I had heard that when I was the age of these girls.



Anonymous said...

Awesome party idea...I love how you taught that they are princesses and daughters of the King of Kings! Thank you for visiting my blog and for the sweet comment!! Kristin

j said...

Have you read the Princess books by Sherri Rose Shepherd (I THINK that is the author's name). Awesome books!

Your photos are beauitful!