Friday, May 23, 2008

Emolyn's 3 months!

Emolyn's Pop-pop & Grammy spent some time with this little doll baby yesterday! Isn't she so pretty! She has the biggest, bluest eyes you ever saw! Oh and it happened to be her 3 month birthday too... weighing 6 lbs. 6 oz. and so very healthy!
We had lots to celebrate yesterday because it was also the first measurable rainfall we've had since the day Emolyn was born on Feb. 22nd! Seriously! No rain for 90 days and then we go from 110 degrees at the beginning of the week to a temperature drop of 50 degrees by Thursday! The rain was heavenly and I was one happy gal! Yes, I get crazy happy when it's overcast and rainy. And we're talking snow at the Grand Canyon! IN MAY!! I heard on the news that they have not had such strange weather patterns in 100 years! Interesting times.


Sandy said...

She is just a beautiful girl! Getting chubby cheeks too.

Finally ... rain here too. We need it. Happy Weekend Linda!

Shara said...

She is so very sweet. Congrats Grandma!

kristen said...

so pretty! cant wait to see her! hopefully we will this year.

Miranda said...

OMG she's so big... and getting so chubby!! I love that top pic - what a look.

Lucy said...

Baby girl is sweet as can be :) Adorable!!

It's hard to believe it's been 3 months already!! Where does time go?

Jan said...

She is just growing and growing, isn't she! And so gorgeous! : )
We had rain up here too. For two days! Woo Hoo!!
We were at 103 on Monday and in the 40's by Friday! I'm loving it!
Do ya think it'll last? Nah...couldn't be so lucky!


Skerrib said...

Did you have to restrain yourself from eating her cheeks?