Friday, May 02, 2008

stunning Redwork

Take a look at this piece of art! I found this yesterday at Goodwill for 99 cents. I couldn't believe it! Why would someone let this end up at a thrift store? Someone spent hours sewing, binding and stitching these stunning Redwork creations!
Read about the history of Redwork here.

So, to you, whose fingers lovingly stitched beauty on fabric,
Thank you.
Your work has not gone unnoticed. It took my breath away. I sat in the car for several minutes just looking at it, examining every square inch. I will cherish it as though someone had made it just for me. Cuz without you knowing it, you were making it for me all along. And I am humbled that I am the recipient of this treasured gift.

I can't help but imagine you wandering through your favorite quilt shop, touching every piece of fabric. You knew when you saw the right combination. It just felt right, in your heart and to the touch.
And then you found the perfect buttons for that finishing touch. Not to take away from the Redwork, but to enhance the designs in the Redwork.
I wonder what you were doing while stitching, what you were thinking...
Did you know that someone would someday notice your perfect stitches? That they would marvel at your technique, your artistry? That they would have wanted to know you?
Well, I would have... but I am content in knowing I have found your quilt a home. One where it will be displayed for all to see... to be admired and to inspire. One never knows where ones art will end up. I am just really blessed to have found yours.
Sincerely grateful,
linda t

Be sure to clic the pics to enlarge.
Oh and btw, it's a wall-hanging size quilt.


Judy said...

You do find the best things at your 'good will' stores! Beautiful.

Jan said...

Oh that is just gorgeous! I'm comin' down there one weekend to scour the goodwills! : )


NanAZ said...

Very nice!

Hey, that would look great in my living room with my red sofa! Or what about a gorgeous Christmas vignette in a cozy corner of your house.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Hi Linda...I came to your blog through another and know how that goes...anyways, I also live in AZ - Buckeye. I also lived in Wisconsin, and the most important - I too love a good sale. I just had to say hello. Blogging can make the world much smaller. I will come back and visit. By the way, your grandbaby is adorable and the longerberger baskets for $15.00, wow! My friend calls those God winking moments! Love those!!

Sara said...

Does it have some yellowing or staining on it? The only reason I ask is because I am curious how you clean something like this? I have some needlework that has red thread with a white background, and I am terrified that it will bleed. For example, when I have clothing with red-dyed and white fabric, I always end up with a little bleeding. What is the right way to prevent this when cleaning normal laundry or delicate items like your lovely new find?