Friday, May 16, 2008

Mrs. Mc & gingham aprons

Mrs. McGillicutty was so thrilled that my daughter Miranda let her wear her Princess gown after the Ultimate Princess Party. You remember the Princess Party post here, don't you?
Well, it fit her to perfection. And she may never take it off! Sorry Miranda.

You've heard the story... how I found each of these vintage gingham aprons at my little thrift store, one at a time. (for a buck each) Seriously, I would go one day and find the pink one... a few days later, the aqua blue one... and on and on. This went on for several weeks and then it tapered off. At one point I actually thought I was being set up... like I was being 'punked' or something... like it was all a joke to film me getting all excited and then they would steal my joy by telling me it was all a gag. So needless to say I started paying a little more attention to my appearance... you know, in case I show up on one of those new reality shows where they feature crazed women overreacting to their favorite finds. You gotta admit, it has potential. Hey, I'd watch it!

Anyway, I am still finding an occasional gingham apron now and again... these two being my latest. Oh and here's the other deal ... I have never found more than one of any color! Ok, a few are the same color, but totally different shades of that color. Seriously, look at all the variety of colors! I continue to wonder how this can be... I mean, all these vintage gingham aprons from the same thrift store? That's crazy! As I've said before, it does make me wonder if the same gal made em all. But we will never know.

Be sure to enlarge the pics to see the exquisite "hen scratch" stitching and matching ric rac! No two apron designs are the same either!


Skerrib said...

HAhahahaha! I had to laugh about you grooming a little more in case you were being filmed...I have those same kinds of experiences sometimes. Paranoia? Perhaps, but you never know!

It's a mystery about the aprons--but a very fun one. Love the colors and detail.

Jan said... I'm going to be spiffing up when I hit the thrifts! You never know! It's a mystery about the individual discoveries of the aprons, but a nice mystery! I have but one little blue gingham apron, but am hoping to add more!

Diane Mars said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love your story about the aprons, I guess I would of started thing Ashton was going to pop out from behind the linens and tell me I've been punked! Or Allan from Candid Camera. I wonder if I have one of those in my linen stash in the attic (: Please do come back and visit. We should add each others blog to our favs list. Your gandbaby is looking like she is growing and doing well you are blessed.
Hugs, Diane

Sandy said...

I've always loved your apron collection!

Kristen said...

ha! love the aprons

please sir said...

Fun aprons - love your cupboards too!

Lori said...

Linda, great apron display and story! My the little babydoll sure is growing!! Take care,Lori

Anonymous said...

Wow! So many gingham aprons. You are SO lucky. If you think you have too many, I will take some. Can do ??