Friday, October 24, 2008

dancing with my man

My Mom grows the most humungous Hydrangeas. So I was thrilled there was one left on the bush when we got to the farm, even though it was quite small. But oh so pretty against the brilliant blue sky.

Do you remember the thrift store that we came upon on our way home from Wisconsin last October? Then read all about us finding the ultimate HAUNTED MANSION! Anyway, I was determined to find that "Nifty Thrifty" store on our way home this year. Well, it wasn't in Kansas like I thought it was. And I had all but given up when Randy & I, at the very same time knew that we should exit off I-35 at Bethany, MO and folks, there it was!! The "Nifty Thrifty"!! We didn't have as good a luck as we did last year but it so fun to revisit the home of our beloved Haunted Mansion.
Had to take a pic of these pumpkins as we walked out of the store.

Yes, I am dreaming of being on the road, crossing the Mississippi River... enjoying the colors and cool weather.

But hey, I AM living out a dream-come-true! Randy & I had dance lessons last night at our church and as always, we had the BEST time! We learned the RUMBA, the CHA-CHA and the JITTER BUG! Oh my gosh, I was so in my element, pretending to be on "Dancing with the Stars", imagining the lifts, the spins, the fancy foot work when we get a little better (ya, in my dreams)... and loving every single moment.


Amy T Schubert said...

you're super cute ...

Miranda said...

I can't imagine Dad's "fancy foot work"... Have you guys scheduled the big church dance yet, because when you do, let me know and I want to see your's and dad's progress.