Monday, October 06, 2008

Mississippi River & cheese curds

Today was our annual Mississippi River trip. The colors are not at their peak yet but we sure enjoyed the beauty along the river.

Our first stop was the War Memorial Park in Arcadia. What an emotional experience as you view the memorials from each of the wars, along the Soldiers Walk. They recently added the War on Terrorism 9/11 Memorial. Made me cry as I was reminded why we are fighting this war.
May we always remember and never forget.

We drove up my favorite bluff, Buena Vista Park in Alma, overlooking the mighty Mississippi and had fun posing for pics.

My Mom & Dad have been married for over 58 years. They sure do look great!

We always stop in Nelson for ice cream and cheese curds at the cheese factory. YUM! Then we walked across the street and bought rutabagas and squash at a veggie stand. As you can see, Randy is enjoying his bag of cheese curds. They are sooo good!
What are cheese curds, you may ask? Read HERE. I have always called cheese curds... squeaky cheese!


Miranda said...

Oh cliche mississippi pictures... may we never stop posing for the same pictures over and over again.

I prefer Nelson's ice cream to their cheese curds. I do love the A&W fried cheese curds... yummy!!

It was cool and breezy last night... I loved it. I wish I could see color changes though.

Nicole T said...

What beautiful squash! I am so jealous.

Anonymous said...

Are you in Wisconsin???? I was just going to email you and see when in October you would be here. Email me! My email address is on the side bar of my blog. BTW, I'll be in Minneapolis tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

I was just telling John soon as little Carly goes off to college in three more falls will you take John and I to Wisconsin with you?

Amy T Schubert said...

mmmm .... cheese curds ....

Anonymous said...

You mentioned Nelson's cheese curds and A&W Restaurant cheese curds. They both buy their cheese curds from the "Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin" in Ellsworth, Wisconsin. The same cheese curds sold at the MN State Fair (110,000 pounds this year!)
You can buy Ellsworth Cheddar Cheese Curds in Cub Foods - Rainbow - Kowalski Markets - Super America - Holiday Stores etc. If you want the squeak to return - just microwave for 15 seconds. SQUEAK! Also check out their web site for recipes:
Don't forget to stuff your burgers or meatloaf with cheese curds or top your nacho chips and microwave until melted. Add toppings for a NACHO Delight!
Made from rBST free milk and are all natural. No coloring added. Question: Have you ever drank a glass of orange milk?

kristen said...

OH the mississippi trip. Its been to long for me so I am looking forward to going with the girls. I also love fall up there too!

Tricia said...

This Alabama girl has never heard of curds except in Little Miss Muffett. Now, I am dying to try some curds. They do sound yummy.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Thank you Linda for taking us on your trip with you.



Jolene George said...

Gosh, such beautiful pictures. Your parents are so cute. My husbands favorite cheese is curd. It's hard to find. When we go to Utah we always stop at a certain dairy that has it.