Wednesday, October 15, 2008

more Wisconsin pics

I love how everyone decorates for fall in Wisconsin. Inspires me to get all my fall decorations out this week and fill our home with lots of color, scented candles and candy galore!

More and more Amish are settling in the area where I grew up. I was struck by how hard their lives are. I want the simple life, but not at the expense of modern conveniences.

Acres and acres and rows and rows of corn are ready to be harvested. I love this picture.

I am so grateful that the farm continues to prosper, produce and progress with the times. We as a nation are dependent on them for produce, livestock, milk and grain. Sure makes me proud to have grown up on a dairy farm.


Sandy said...

Beautiful photos and memories!
Welcome Home!

Tricia said...

I'm glad you're a dairy girl too. I had some experience with that, but not on the scale you did:) Your visit was loved by all of us. I want some curds so bad! Are they as good as Alabama's boiled green peanuts?