Sunday, November 16, 2008

I made a lotta lefse!

And I was taught by the best!!
My friend Barb and her sisters Candy & Cheryl invited me to take part in their annual Lefse Making Day. I was not only honored to be in their company but now privy to their coveted family recipe that they have perfected over many decades. Seriously folks, this is THE BEST LEFSE I HAVE EVER HAD!!!
Barb's ten year old daughter Emily was awesome at rolling out the lefse dough! We were a team!

Candy was chief lefse mixer. (far left corner) She literally mixed up 11 batches. That equates to 88 lefse rounds. And then she packages them after she quarters them. Making a grand total of 352 servings of lefse!! That my friend, is a whole lotta lefse! And it only took us 4 hours! We're that good.

Lefse making is an art. I learned to roll it paper thin, using just the right amount of flour. I learned to maneuver the lefse turner... removing it from the pastry board to the lefse griddle and then to flip the lefse over when the "age spots" are just right. Thanks Cheryl!

They no longer use boiled and mashed potatoes... but have discovered that Idahoan flake potatoes are not only better but THE only brand to use. I thought I'd pass along that little tidbit.

Another family secret... after they come off the griddle, you steam them for hours in between piles and piles of sheets and towels. Keeps them soft and tender.
Mmm, are you getting that I don't keep secrets too well?
Oh, and get this! I forgot to wear my LEFSE EARRINGS!

I was also aware that I was making lefse on griddles that were bought back in the early 70's. And they were on their last leg. Seriously, their days are over and next November I will not only be bringing my very own lefse griddle, but Candy and Cheryl are getting brand new ones too!

Remember me blogging about Rice Night last December? Well, every year I bring the Swedish meatballs and Barb brings her lefse. And we're quite the hit!

So, let me tell you about my friend Barb. For many years we were a part of Sharkey Productions. A theater company that puts on plays that were thought-provoking, funny, moving and powerfully used of God to change lives.
Here's Barb & I outside our dressing room at the Herberger Theater in downtown Phoenix.

Here's another picture of Barb & I with the many flowers that were delivered to our dressing room before one of those shows. Take a look at Barb's gorgeous blue eyes!

Looking back, I am forever grateful to have been a part of such a gifted group of actors. I have never known such fear and euphoria... all at the same time... ever.
Thanks Barb for your love and encouragement during those years. Think of all the memories we have made together!


Miranda said...

I miss swedish meatballs

Nicole T said...

cant wait for rice night again!

Tanya said...

How fun! I love baking with friends and family!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm from Park Falls..

kristen said...

oh my how fun!! I would love to have lefse!

NanAZ said...

Barb is such a sweetie and so funny! It was great to get to know her a little when she worked for LCI for a few months. Looks like you all had a fun time. I'd love to try it sometime if you want to get rid of your piles of lefse.

Sandy said...

Sounds like a great friendship and a wonderful day together! Cute new pix, Linda! Miss you!

Zoey said...

Hi Linda,
What a great post. You have the most wonderful group of friends. I have never had lefse. It looks like a loving tradition and how lucky you are to be a part of it.