Thursday, March 05, 2009

Emolyn's toophers

Oh how she loves to show off her toophers! And a mighty fine set of toophers I might add. Emolyn had her developmental assessment the other day and good news! She is a totally normal 1 year old! No deficit, no "based on gestational age"! Those very words were taken from Nicole's blog. We're so grateful. Be sure to check out her post on Emolyn's 1st year. Her pics and moving journal entry made me cry.

Isn't she a button! And she is the sweetest, most mild-mannered little girl!

She loves to pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man. Or is it patty-cake, patty-cake... or padda-cake, padda-cake...Mmm, rather confusing because every one of those showed up when I googled the old nursery rhyme.
Anyway, I love this little cutie pie to pieces!


Skerrib said...

I should've bit off those dimples when I had the chance. Yummy.

Heidi said...

How can you not just feel HAPPY when you look at that sweet little face and that smile? What a darling! :)

Nancy said...

Absolutely precious! God's hand is on her life -- what plans He must have for her!

NanAZ said...

Yes, she is a cutie!

Sandy said...

oh my, these pix made my day :)