Saturday, March 07, 2009

love this watch

Have I told you that I love watches? Well I do. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I do wear watches and have acquired quite a collection of them over the years... from yard sales of course. Who doesn't come across a pile of watches at every sale. And usually the seller doesn't have a clue if the watches work, so they let em go for a quarter. As was the case yesterday. So this morning I went to Walmart, got myself a $4.00 battery and ta-da, a new watch AND one that I can actually see without my glasses on. I love a watch with a big face. I love this watch! (enlarge to see the exquisite detail)

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Keetha said...

That watch is beautiful!!! I love it too.

And clever you - - - when I click to enlarge your picture I see you have it suspended in a PLANT to get all that lush green velvety background!!! I thought when I clicked it was going to be a towel or something!!

I'd wear a watch every day too - - - but I'm allergic to metal and they all cause hives on my wrist, especially in the summer. All plastic ones WITH a plastic back (besides ugly men black ones) are difficult to find and usually not all that stylish.