Friday, March 20, 2009

Tyler & Emy

I love watching my sons spending time together. They have so much fun. And they are each others biggest fan. Randy took these two out in the desert on Tyler's birthday. With guns and ammo. And a cooler filled with Gatorade, Symphony bars and beef jerky. Not my idea of fun. But then, they didn't ask. And who cares anyway, cuz I got to spend the day with this little munchkin! She's my idea of fun!

Uncle Tyler is one of Emy's favorite people in the whole world. And she is his. So it's understandable that her presence was his favorite present.

Nicole had to work so the guys left Emolyn with her Grammie and well, as you can imagine, I was in heaven. Emy loves jewelry and cell phones and books and Cheerios. She loves watching her Aunt Miranda sing to her on Skype. And she waves at her the whole time. Too cute.

Love this image of her little shoulders and tiny foot peeking out... ahh, pint-sized perfection to the max.


Skerrib said...

Haha--the guys in my family like to go out into the desert & shoot things too. I'd stay back with Emolyn any day. I know sooner or later her hair will grow in lovely & long...but I really, really love the minimalist look she has going right now.

Nicole T said...

you can see her hair in the back picture! See she does have hair!