Monday, March 16, 2009

Tyler's 20!

Happy Birthday Tyler!
My baby is 20! I am no longer a Mom of a teenager. And I gotta tell you, I'm sad about that. And I'm not sure what that's all about. Anyway, all three of my kids are in their 20's now. And Randy & I are grateful every single day to have had the privilege of being their parents. I get all weepy just typing those words. What an honor to see God use us in the lives of our children.
Anyway, after we had Shawn and Miranda, we wondered if we'd have another baby. I mean, we had our boy and girl. But I had always wanted 3 kids. And I wanted the 3rd to be at least 4 years after the 2nd. And that's exactly what happened. And I thank God every day that we had Tyler. You see, we had every reason in the world to rethink having a 3rd... money being the main reason. We were living on very little and we were committed to me staying home as I had with Shawn & Miranda. We trusted that God would give us the wisdom to make wise choices and live within our means and He did and we did. We look back now and marvel at the ways He proved Himself faithful and provided for our every need.
It was actually about the time that Tyler was born, that Randy took the job as janitor at our church. He had been the high school director for 4 years and needed a break. He was still doing concerts, but it was during those couple years as janitor that he took the necessary steps in forming Randy Thompson Ministries. He would go full-time with RTM in 1990 and that would change our lives forever. But that will have to be continued on another post.
So, when I think of Tyler turning 20, I am so aware of all that has gone on in the past 20 years since we embarked on this faith journey... and well, no wonder I'm so emotional.

Anyway, Tyler is a gifted musician and we're so proud at what he has created on his myspace music page. Hope you can take a moment and listen to one of his arrangements. My personal favorite is "I'm Yours".

And who do you suppose would make Tyler's birthday extra special? His extra special niece Emolyn of course... the prettiest girl in the whole widest world... as he always calls her. He adores her.

Oh and check out Miranda's post and pics all about her brother Tyler. She couldn't have said it any better. She adores her little brother.

*** The top pic was taken by Kelsie Pinkerton Photography. Thanks Kelsie!


Angie in AZ said...

Wow, this is making me feel old since I met Tyler when he was 4! LOL! I loved teaching him when he as a little guy. I remember talking to you one time about stuff he was doing in class and how much I loved him and you grabbed Randy and said, "Randy, she loves Tyler!"... with all of your enthusiasm you infuse in well... almost everything! Now that I'm a parent, I know how much it really does mean to have other adults love your child. When someone loves your child, they are loving you! That was a really profound lesson I learned from you and Tyler years ago. You have three amazing kids and it's been fun watching them grow. Tyler has grown into such a handsome young man who loves God (more than his desk now, I'm sure! LOLOL!) and I'm proud to be able to say I had a little blurp of time with him no matter how small.

kristen said...

Happy Birthday to my tallest cousin! love ya!