Friday, April 03, 2009

this 'n that

~ Shawn & Nicole and my precious granddaughter are coming over tonight for dinner. (Princess Emolyn made her Disneyland debut last weekend!)

~ I just survived my first case of the stomach flu. I know, hard to believe. And the best part of being sick? When it's all over and you realize how precious your health is. I will never take it for granted ever again!

~ Randy & I will be with our daughter Miranda in England at this time next week!! SOOO EXCITED!!

~ I painted my toes last week for the first time in months. My finger nails can look horrid... but painted toes are the ultimate in femininity.

~ I watched American Idol, The Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars the other night, all at the same time. And I do it with quite the panache. Unless my emotions get the best of me on Loser and I miss an entire song on Idol. Not a happy camper.

~ I just bought the coolest long sleeve black t-shirt on clearance at Target for $2.00. It says "Ireland" on the front! Everyone will think I bought it in Ireland. Oh, didn't I tell you, we're going to Ireland too!!

Shawn & Nicole were so excited for Emolyn to have her very own Mickey ears.

But Disneyland done tuckered out The Pretty Princess.
Oh my gosh, and to think she was born with no eyelashes!


NanAZ said...

Can't wait to see pics of Emolyn in DLand. I have a picture of Amy in her stroller with her Mickey ears on and love it!

Nicole T said...

we had a great time friday night, we need to schedule more time together!

Nancy said...

Have a wonderful time in England!!!