Monday, May 18, 2009

this 'n that

Wow, it's been a whole week since I lasted posted. Where did the week go! My mind is pretty scattered, so it's safe to say, this post will be rather scattered. So let me give it to you in bullets.

~ Our 20 year old son Tyler enlisted in the United States Marine Corp. And we couldn't be more proud and thrilled and anxious! He will not be leaving for boot-camp until January 4th. But in the mean time, he is training each week with others that have enlisted. I have never seen my son more focused and excited about anything in his life. He is truly living out what he has dreamed of doing since he was a young boy.

~ Miranda left this weekend for her first trip throughout Europe. You can check out her itinerary on her blog. She finished all her exams and is now traveling for 16 days with her friend Phoebe. It's kind of unnerving because I won't be able to chat with her on facebook. The hostels she's staying at are suppose to have internet, so she's planning to post on fb using her iTouch, to let us know she is alive and well. Still, I'll miss our daily chats.

**** We just chatted on fb! Just as I posted this, she popped on fb! We had a quick chat. She's soooo happy! And now Mama's happy! Thank you Lord for free Wi-Fi @ McDonald's in Paris! Miranda posted on fb "c’est tout ce que j’aime"... means "I'm lovin' it!" in French. And I'm so glad she is!

~ My sister Ginny & her husband Dave are arriving from WI this week. She will be staying with me for a few days while Dave travels on to Sierra Vista to visit with his Mom. Then later this week we'll drive Ginny down there. I always look forward to seeing Millie. She is one amazing woman. Anyway, you do know what that means when Ginny & I are together? We become the sensational Sewing Sisters! Stay tuned... projects to post for you to peruse in the very near future!

~ I am itching for a road trip real bad. Preferably the mountains... the Mogollon Rim to be exact. With my handsome husband. There is nothing I love more than hitting the road with my best friend in all the world. And dipping my feet in an icy cold creek after a long exhilarating hike.


NanAZ said...

Yeah, I was wondering where you've been. I always look forward to reading your posts. Lots going on in your world. I was glad that you and Randy were able to come over on Saturday. It was so fun to have everyone there.

I'll be praying for the kids and all their activities.

kristen said...

I love that sign! We are going to start working on the yard so my mind is all about gardening stuff right now!

Keetha said...

Ooooooo - - - love the feet kickin' back in the icy cold water picture!!!

kristen said...

I will try but I am in the process of making it our home and so haven't thought about pictures yet but I just might since you asked so nicely! love my aunties!

kristen said...

Just so you know I personally went out and took pictures of the house but then they wouldn't download to my computer so I have no idea what is wrong! I am trying though. Hope you are having fun!