Wednesday, July 29, 2009

my Targus tripod

OK, this is not what you think. I'm not trying to push Randy over the edge of the cliff. I was actually keeping him from going over the edge. You see, we are big on using the timer feature on our cameras. In fact for the past 20 years we have used that feature when taking our Christmas card photos. Anyway, we used that feature quite often while visiting the Mogollon Rim on Sunday. And this was our first attempt in setting the timer and Randy precariously jumping over various size boulders to get to this huge rock hanging over this steep cliff... in 10 seconds. A very scary maneuver, to say the least. But my awesome Targus Tripod enables us to do this. I love that we can wrap my bendable tripod around anything... tree branches, fences, ledges, bushes, boulders, whatever. Perfect for these hiking and camping trips.

I set the timer for these last two pics... barely making it back up the boulder for the above pic. No problem with the last one. If you know me very well, then you know I got quite a kick out of setting the scenes and then directing Randy as to how he should look, so it seems as though someone else took the pic and we are totally oblivious to the shot. It's called acting... and well, I do have a flare for the drama... if I may say so myself. But then you would know that, if you knew me very well.


kristen said...

these are awesome shots! I love them and must get me a targus tripod!

Skerrib said...

I want a Targus tripod now.

I can totally picture the exchange between you & Randy when you're taking pics. Hilarious.

NanAZ said...

Great stuff! It would have been very very sad if one of you actually fell there.

I had some hilarious pics when we went to New England. One is of Terry catching me as I'm tripping on my way to the perfect shot. Oh well, it does take some practice. I'm glad now that I have a remote control so I can take the picture from where I'm standing.