Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tyler @ camp

Tyler broke his ankle at camp on Wednesday. Poor guy. But after a four hour ER visit down here in the Valley (thanks Bill Osier) he was back up to camp to finish out the week. He's a trooper... must be that Marine Corp pride. He'll be laid up for the next several weeks. Not fun in this heat. But it will still give him plenty of time to get back into shape before he leaves for boot camp in January.

For the past two weeks, Tyler has been the work crew boss for the high school kids from our church that are serving in various capacities at Mountain Meadows Ranch near Christopher Creek north of Payson. On Monday Randy, Miranda & I were itching to get out of the heat, so we drove up to see if Tyler had enough gas money to get home. He didn't. We brought treats and gas money... snapped a few pics and we were on our way. So worth it. Cells phones don't connect up in those parts. So we enjoyed seeing him and then dining at the Beeline Cafe on our way out of Payson. Love small town America. A little slice of heaven. Speaking of slice... the three of us ended our meal by sharing a slice of warm blackberry pie... ala mode. Seriously, the crust was darn good. And I oughta know. When you've grown up with a Mom that not only makes two pies every single week, but the best pie crust, well, you know your crust. Made with lard of course.

This is an actual picture of my Mom's delicious blueberry pie. When we were back there in October we went out to eat with my Mom & Dad for Friday Night Fish and then came back to the house for a slice of her yummy blueberry pie before taking off for the Friday Night Football game with Ron & Deb. We left the next morning for Phoenix. Could we have left with a better taste in our mouth? I think not.

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Cindy said...

Hi Linda,
What a handsome son you have!! Nice pics, I e-mailed you back, I am so bad about checking my blog e-mail. I am adding you to my blog roll so I can get updates. Hugs, Cindy in BRF