Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fish Creek Falls

We had so much fun hiking around Fish Creek Falls while in CO. I'm a creek & river kind of gal. The ocean scares me. Very intimidating. Doesn't help that I can't swim. But I do love looking at it and walking its shores. But creeks allow me to experience it up close and personal... without having to know how to swim. And Fish Creek was perfect for just that. I could jump from rocks to boulders and not risk losing my life.

Even the wildlife allow me to get up close and personal. Umm, you don't see ocean sea creatures cooperating like this little critter.

Randy & Kevin decided to get as close to the falls as possible. Can you see them?

Hey, check back for my favorite flora & fauna fotos from our CO trip!

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NanAZ said...

What a fun day! I love creeks too! I think because they're usually surrounded by gorgeous shady trees, and cool breezes which add to the awesome experience. I love the sound of the water moving thru the boulders too.