Monday, August 24, 2009

sunset & windmills

This was the very last picture I took from our trip to CO last week. And my very favorite. The sun was setting quickly as we traveled between Holbook and the Mogollon Rim. I saw a windmill up ahead and had an idea. But what were the chances that I could capture such an image as we traveled along at 60 MPH? I didn't even mention it to Randy... I just took a chance... and I got it. I was thrilled. You see I love windmills and I love sunsets. The perfect image to end an already full day of jaw-dropping scenery.
(be sure to clic the pic to enlarge)


Debi said...

Linda dear,
You and I share some of the finer favorites in life. I too love windmills and sunsets!!! Yours is awesome!! What a great way to end your day!!
Thanks for sharing dear!!
Debi xo

Skerrib said...


NanAZ said...

Great work, Linda! Isn't it fun trying to catch those special moments at 60 mph? Yours is perfect! I probably saw the same windmill, but nowhere near sunset. This is awesome!