Monday, September 14, 2009

Randy's BD celebration

A week ago we celebrated Randy's birthday at his Mom's house in Surprise.
My Mother-in-law loves when I post pics so she can see her name-sake... her great-grandbaby Emolyn Kate. SO, this post is for her.
I love this pic of the two Emolyn's sharing a bowl of Nicole's homemade ice cream. Nicole makes the best chocolate chip mint and vanilla ice cream. Simply to die for! I actually broke my sugar fast for a bowl of this tempting treat. How could I NOT!

We had such a fun time gathering together as a family. The guys played guitars and sang. We ate yummy food. But with Emolyn as our main source of entertainment. She is so fun to watch. She loves baby dolls. She's such a little Mommy. I love that girl to pieces!

I believe this is Emolyn belting out her favorite worship song. I'm not always able to interpret baby babble, but I'm sure the Lord was blessed.

Does she not look like the littlest angel or what?

Emolyn's pretty Mommy reading her a book. Nicole is such a good Mom.

Love this one of me & Em. And I love this one below of Em & her Popop. Oh did she ever bond with her Popop! And Randy could not have been more thrilled to receive that as his favorite birthday gift of all... bonding with his granddaughter.

Emolyn loves hats. She will actually pile them on her head. She's such a crack up.

Uncle Tyler is by far her favorite toy. Emolyn loves her Uncle Tyler and he adores her. They have the sweetest relationship.

Emolyn and Popop having some serious tickle time. That's what grandpas do well... getting them all hyped up before bed time.

Emolyn and her Aunt Miranda soon after Emolyn got her jammies on for the trip back to Phoenix. She will surely fall asleep the minute they hit the road. I mean, come on, it's hard work entertaining a captive audience for hours and hours.


Laurie said...

She is just such a cutie! There is something about her . . . maybe the big eyes and those luxe lashes! Love the necklace, she is a real fancy pants!

Laurie S.

NanAZ said...

What a sweet family time! thanks for sharing the pics

Nicole T said...

We had a great time! HWat a good idea to go to Mamaws house!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Linda,
I am so glad you stopped by! We plan on being in Phoenix the last week of October, hopefully it will have cooled down some. I would love to get together, I will fill you in when I get more details. Your granddaughter is adorable! It blows me away that we are old enought to have grandkids! I don't have any, sob, sob, but I am ready now! I will e-mail you too! Cindy