Thursday, September 10, 2009

shoe repair shops

Do you frequent your local shoe repair shop? Or let me put it another way, do you take advantage of all the services provided by your local shoe repair shop? Cuz seriously, they need to be your new best friend.

Let me tell you about all the services they provide for you the consumer. First of all, I get most of my shoes and purses at thrift stores or yard sales. I don't put out a lot of money... so if it needs a minor repair, they can fix it and restore it to it's original lustre. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten good, quality, name brand products that are being discarded because they only needed a simple, minor repair.

The other day I dropped off my very favorite back pack purse to have them reattach one of the straps that had come off. I paid a dollar for the purse many months ago at a yard sale, so it was worth paying $7.50 to give me another year or so of use. It is seriously the perfect back pack purse. And I ought to know... I have plenty to choose from. But this one is the perfect size and shape... and easy access to my cell. (that's really important to me)

Do you have a pair of shoes that you love and they're just sooo comfortable. Well, when they begin to wear out, have them resoled or stitched up or whatever. My husband literally had the same black cowboy boots resoled three times in the past 25 years. While they were resoling them, they would also recondition the leather and they would look as good as new. Here's the deal, why waste time breaking in a new pair of shoes when you can just have the old ones spiffed up.

Shoe repair services provided for you-

Shoes can be stretched for increased comfort.

Shoes can be adapted to fit unique feet.

Shoes can be professionally waterproofed to protect from salt stains.

Heel tips can be changed from hard to non-skid rubber.

Heel savers can be applied to prolong the life of the heel.

Protective soles can be applied to prolong the life of the leather soles.

Eyelets and other hardware can be replaced.

But did you know they also provide these services?

Replace Zippers

Shorten belts

Repair luggage

Re-lace baseball gloves

Stitch handbags

Repair jacket tears

Refinish leather coats

Replace buckles

I found the above lists and logo on THIS web site. I learned a lot and will definitely be using my local shoe repair shop even more now.

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NanAZ said...

Thanks for the tips! My mom has to have one of her shoes built up because of a prior injury and that's where she goes. She wouldn't be able to get around as well as she does if she didn't use the shoe repair shops.