Saturday, November 21, 2009

visual eye candy

My name is Linda and I'm addicted to tiny houses.
I'm serious. I love tiny houses. And I thought that maybe by blogging about it I would get to the root of this obsession. I mean really, what's the big deal with tiny houses? Especially when some of you know that I love lots of stuff. (hey, look at my sidebar)
Yes, I am quite the dichotomy. I love my collections and all. But I long for the simple life... to live in a tiny house with just the bare necessities. That's why I love my little cottage on wheels. It fulfills my desire to live with very little. I recently become aware that I have become a slave to my possessions. And this flood is a window of opportunity for me to make a change.
Frank Lloyd Wright once observed: "Many wealthy people are little more than janitors of their possessions."
I'm not wealthy, but I sure am tired of being a janitor of my possessions.

Anyway, this is the blog that began my tiny house online obsession- Tiny House Blog.
***WARNING- this blog contains insane amounts of visual eye candy, therefore detaining you for hours on end... hours that you can never get back.

Read about this tiny house on wheels. I'll be honest, I could not live full-time in a house this tiny on wheels. But it's still adorably cute.

Love this tiny house in a landscape feature that the Tiny House Blog posts each month. The cozy cottage in the woods of my dreams looks just like this. I seriously want to sprinkle my fairy dust and be transported to this very spot. Hey, I am Tinker Bell.

Love this tiny cabin in Wisconsin. The inside and the surrounding scenery are so serene.

Oh be still my heart, a silo house! My personal favorite. I am so drawn to quirky homes. The next time we go to Door County, WI- I want to stay in this really cool Bed & Breakfast called the Silo Guest House.

I'm thinking my fascination with tiny houses began several years ago, when I went to Alaska with Randy on a concert tour. Oh my gosh, there were these charming little coffee huts everywhere! And all with such unique designs... Scandinavian, European, modern, cottage, log cabin, etc. And all I can think of is, I want to live in one of those tiny coffee huts. But I can sure see why they flourished, who wants to get out of their warm vehicle to get a cup of coffee in Alaska.

Well, here in the Valley of the Sun, who wants to get out of their air-conditioned car to get an iced coffee in the dead of summer? Well, we now have our very own coffee hut drive-through- Dutch Bros Coffee has arrived! How cute is their packaging design! And how great is their coffee!

How did I get from tiny houses to Dutch Bros Coffee?

But even as a little girl I loved my tiny playhouses. My playhouse was either in a tiny corn crib or tucked away in the basement next to the big old furnace. My cousin Marie had her playhouse in a little round brooder house (a house for baby chicks) and it was pitch dark inside. Marie was blind, so she was ok with that. Not us kids though. She had the most amazing kitchen in her playhouse and we could hardly see to play with it. I was so jealous of her playhouse.

We also had a brooder house on our farm that my sisters played in, after we got rid of the chickens and before it was torn down. We also had a bloody tree stump next to that brooder house that was designated as a chopping block, where my Mom would chop the heads off chickens for a our Sunday dinner. (ok, so maybe that was too much information... sorry 'bout that) Would it also weird you out to know that the chickens run around for several minute after their heads are chopped off? And get this, that happens to be one of my earliest childhood memories! I know, what a memory for a little kid! So now you know where the saying "I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off" comes from. You don't hear me saying that too often though. Too creepy.

How did I get from tiny houses to headless chickens?

Anyway, from everything that I'm reading online... smaller, simpler homes are all rage.
I loved this article that Shireen Qudosi wrote for Tiny House blog about the small living movement that is quickly gaining momentum.
She reminds us that it was Leonardo da Vinci who first said, “small rooms discipline the mind and large ones distract it." So true.
I really encourage you to read this thought provoking post.

So, you're probably thinking, what are you doing spending all this time online when your home is torn up from the flood. Well, you see, I am in that waiting game... waiting for the dry-wall guys to come... so that we can paint... then we can carpet... than we can decorate for Christmas. Yeh! In the mean time, my home is rather disorganized, in shambles, in need of repair. And that's code for: I'm a mess, in shambles, slightly overwhelmed. Ok, majorly overwhelmed!

I'm still having Thanksgiving in my home. It will be well worth it to see my mother-in-law Emolyn with her great-grandbaby Emolyn. I love when the two Emolyn's get together! Who cares what my home looks like, as long as we're all together as a family.

***Be sure to click on the red highlighted words so you can take a peek inside each of the tiny houses.


NanAZ said...

I used to have a play area under the stairs, and another under the eaves and in the Fall we would make piles of leaves into floorplans in the backyard and pretend we lived there. Someday when we redo the backyard, I'd love to build a little house to use as a guest room or grandkids playhouse. Wouldn't that be fun?

Fran said...

I have never met you personally, but look forward to that. I love Randy's worship and music! I was also told I will love you too by Stacy Lynch and Anita Case! I have so enjoyed brousing thru ur posts & photos & xtras & just wanted u 2 know ur writings and humor are appreciated...& have you started writing a book yet???
I also loved your daughters worship for our Woman's Retreat!

Sandy said...

Oh, fun pix, Linda.
And guess what? Dutch Bro. started right here in my town - we've had them all over for years :))

Happy TG!

anizio said...

MEEEE TOOO! I love love LOVE tiny houses! AND worship music!

Chassidy Bednarz said...

How's your addiction with tiny houses? My younger singer gets crazy when it comes to small but adorable houses. She has a portfolio full of pictures of tiny houses. Would you believe it? It serves as her inspiration to have one too in the future. I think the both of you will click when you meet each other. :)